Jodie Laubenberg Spanked at Wylie Polls

Dalton Lytle
Jodie Laubenberg

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. State Representative Jodie Laubenberg showed up at the polls in Wylie with only 55 minutes of early voting left. Over the past two weeks I had not seen her there at all but suddenly she picked the absolute worst time she could have possibly picked to show up.

In what was the spanking of the lifetime, voter after voter arrived who knew Dalton Lytle, or had met him at a meet and greet, or who had talked to him earlier in the week. One after one left the polls giving him the thumbs up and saying they voted for him.

Dalton's kids also did a great job of winning voters over as well, despite Laubenberg's campaign manager Suzanne Bowers shouting to folks as they walked up, even to people clearly there just to work out. I supposed it would help if they knew there was a Rec Center behind them as well. Awkward.

Laubenberg busied herself with only a handful of voters during that excruciating 55 minutes. I almost felt sorry for her. Then again, she made her bed and well, you know how the rest goes.

None of this would have happened if she had just listened to her constituents who sat in her living room and asked her to vote for Scott Turner instead of Joe Straus for Speaker of the House in Texas. Instead, she told us she knew better. The moment she uttered those words, she was no longer representing us. Nearly a dozen of us sat utterly stunned. It's sad too, because she had such a great reign.

Laubenberg's active support of Straus caused those top Collin County conservatives to support Dalton Lytle this election season. Regardless of what she thinks, Lytle's run is a direct result of her support for Straus, and had she just listened to her constituents, it is unlikely she would have pulled an opponent.

Still, Laubenberg pulls a good crowd and I'm sure she will get many voters, especially since her campaigners did things like place fully filled out sample ballots in Churches; with her name pre-selected, of course.

Amazingly I heard someone chatting with her at the polls say, "lies about you." I can only hope she isn't denying telling a dozen people that she knew better than us. Because a dozen different people can corroborate that fact.

I have also heard justification rumors from the Laubenberg crowd drinking her Kool-Aid, that Scott Turner ran away so it is just as well she did not support him. Well, that isn't exactly an accurate description of what happened is it? Especially because one cannot correlate Turner not seeking reelection with running away. Had he been successful in pushing Straus out, he would have accomplished his goal whether he remained in office or not, and Texas would have had a chance at real conservative leadership for the future. But we'll never know now will we? We'll never know because people like Laubenberg pledged eternal friendship with anti-conservative Joe Straus.

Yet despite Laubenberg physically standing at the polls in Allen, her 55 minutes allotted for Wylie, and her visits to nursing homes this week, the seed has been planted. A seed which will take root and continue to sprout, and if Dalton Lytle is unsuccessful in unseating her, a forest will grow over the next couple of years. This is the beauty of politics.

I wish Laubenberg well. She has served us dutifully, until the last term that is. It's a tough life being an incumbent right now. However, she let grass grow under her feet and it's now turning into some saplings, and soon that forest will take over.