Litany of an Angry White Dude: The Typical Trump Fan

See this truck? It belongs to what I have discovered is the "typical" Trump voter. Real charming people.

I say this because I have had to deal with them rushing into the polls the past week, all wild-eyed and irrational.

Sunday morning, the man who owns this truck parked at the polls and stormed toward his Trump sign to fix it. It had bent around pretty good as it was buffeted by winds the past several days. You see, he didn't bother finding out what the City of Wylie sign ordinance was, he just placed his Trump signs and came back every day to make sure the cheapie plastic baggie-type sign hadn't slipped up and off the posts. Never mind the fact his signs have been up illegally all night long since Thursday.

I knew Code Enforcement would be back at it again on Monday and if his signs are left up, they would pull them down Monday night.  I thought I would be kind and let him know so he could make arrangements.

Silly me, I should have known what to expect.  It was as if  he thought I had done something to his signs. He said they hadn't taken them down yet. Then he showed his true colors by shouting, "I'm a 36 year veteran. Don't give me no bullshit." Wowser.

I had another swirling-eyed ingrate who used his military service as some sort of shield against following the rules. Like I'm supposed to somehow be indebted to his service with an attitude and mouth like that?

I told him we were on the same team and that he could be nice. He got in his pickup and stared me down, clearly deciding if he was going to come back over and get in my face and intimidate me for daring to respond. Glad he thought the better of it because I believe he would have laid a hand on me. He was that angry. Over his stupid, cheap signs. Over a woman who dared try to help out. Wow, just wow.

This is the Trump mentality so pervasive in this country right now. This man verbally accosted a defenseless woman standing alone at the polls early on a Sunday morning with a completely empty parking lot surrounding her, and on God's holy day! And he cussed her out for trying to help him. Kind of screams Trump, doesn't it? Evidently they are learning from the best foul-mouth, rude, angry white dude in the GOP.

More important, it screams disgrace. This man disgraced our military service members for bullying a woman and invoking the military as an excuse to do so. Except I was married to a Marine and I know what they're taught. They aren't taught to be disrespectful to defenseless women who are trying to be kind.

Voters better wake the hell up and see what they have become. If you have lost all common decency toward other human beings as well as yourself, that you can't be kind to others, then you are disgracing our entire country.

Meanwhile, I put down my campaign sign this morning to chase after a little old lady with a walker headed into the parking lot toward the assisted living facility and memory care truck waiting in the back. It's called common decency, and we all have it within us. Well, all of us that are not Trump fans evidently.