More Poll Greeting Highlights

I love messing with people while I'm standing at the polls. My favorite time is over the weekend, when multiple kiddie parties are scheduled. When I see people bringing up goodies I always tell them how nice it was of them to bring us some food. The response is always entertaining.
Yesterday one of the women took pity on us and brought out cupcakes. People can be so kind!
There was also a Democrat who wanted to debate over Obamacare. I informed him of the people I knew personally who could not afford the premiums and other young adults in college paying the fine instead. He told me they were doing it all wrong then. I can only imagine he meant they should lie.
He also demanded that I agree that it was impossible to commit voter fraud. I informed him that I do my research and it is possible, citing the cases in Ohio during Obama's campaign where there was 100% turnout in a couple precincts, and that it was statistically impossible. He huffed in and gave Ruthie hell inside about having to show his ID to vote. He demanded that his voter registration card was enough. You just can't make this stuff up.
Then there was Chuckie, the retired Democrat and coach from Iowa. Yup, he showed up. He's the one who hovered threateningly over two different petite retired ladies at the polls two years ago, yelling in their faces and trying to intimidate them. I placed my recording of him on YouTube as well as in my blog. Indeed, he tried to have a go at me yesterday; as if that boded well for him.
As you can imagine, I recanted his bullying of those women and I told him to get to stepping right on by me, all while recording the incident. He demanded my name and I told him I wasn't giving it to him. I told him I knew his name, who he worked out with at the rec center, that I wasn't afraid of him, and he wasn't going to intimidate me like he did to those petite women two years ago. I turned my back and he stood dumbfounded, ultimately walking away in silence.
Now I lay in wait for the next round, when he's had time to get good and mad and formulate a comeback. I'll be recording again....