Poll Greeting Highlights

I feel as though I should provide some encouragement by sharing some poll greeting highlights.

Only one in every 10 voters I speak with supports Pete Sessions. No joke.

The resounding message, as people approach the polls, is that they don't necessarily know who they want to vote for but it ain't Pete Sessions.

People are pissed off at Sessions for, "Selling us down the river with the Omnibus bill," as one guy put it. Yup, people actually took note of his vote in favor of funding Planned Parenthood, lest he forget he promised us at his Wylie town hall meeting that he would do everything he could to defund it.

Trump voters are rabid. No, seriously. Their eyeballs are rolled back in their heads as they storm toward the polls. These people are so pissed, they will knock down anything or anyone in their way. Except I might note that, when you're that angry, you are going to get what you ask for.

One woman wearing her Trump hat told me she was voting for Sessions because he was great. Gee, there's an informed voter. She wants an anti-establishment president and an establishment congressman. I wonder if that cognitive dissonance hurts?

Another man walking in with his veteran cap on said he thought Sessions was tops, and when I told him as House Rules Chair, Pete was passing Obama's policies because every piece of legislation passes his desk, he replied, "Not necessarily." Yup, I had me another informed voter. I asked him if he knew what the House Rules Chairman even did and that Pete sets the rules for every piece of legislation that crosses his desk. Seriously folks, don't hurt yourselves thinking too much.

To top off my day yesterday, there was the same DINO (Democrat in name only because in reality they are socialists) that harped at me two years ago during Katrina Pierson's campaign. He comes to work out the same time every day at the rec center wasting my precious time trying to bicker with me and take my attention away from real voters.  I'm on to him.

He wanted to debate and I told him I was working, you know, actually holding a sign for my candidate and I wasn't sharing my personal opinion. After all, if the man wants to debate, he can feel free to reach out to my candidate. I told him I wasn't wasting my time on a Democrat who interrupted a conversation I was having with a person who was actually there to, um vote. Now wait for it. He replied "That's too bad because I'll talk to anyone." Really? Gee, let me see, I work full time, I'm in school full time, I blog, and I am working on a political campaign. You know, if he feels that vehemently about his candidate, perhaps he should take the time out of his busy workout schedule to stand up there and spread his message. When he wants to actually get serious about walking the walk, I'll bother wasting a breath on him.

I'm still waiting for Chuckie. The loud-mouthed Democrat who verbally abused two petite retired ladies volunteering two years ago, causing me to lose their help this time. Who wants to stand out there with a fat man in your face, calling you names and yelling at you? Guess he can't stop reliving his old coaching days. I have my video camera ready for him at all times, just waiting for him to touch me so I can file charges.

Then there have been the absolutely lovely people. The Asian lady who came three days in a row and got my voting recommendations. She was so thankful for my help, she brought me an Asian snack.

There were others who stopped and chatted with me. The elderly vet headed in to workout who popped his suspenders holding up his sweatpants. He teased me that he might ask me to hook it back up for him, to which I shocked him by telling him I might enjoy that. Hard to shock a vet.

There was the Irishman who was headed in with two ladies, and he asked if Ruthie was working the polls because he really loved her. Well, who doesn't love Ruthie? I replied that she was indeed working and she had grown her hair out long now and is quite the hottie. Without a pause he said that in that case, he needed to get in there and steal her away.

There have been loads of people who went in stone-faced, and then came out all giddy and told me they voted for my guy. Many thanked me for standing there and doing what I'm doing. These are the people who make it all worthwhile.

Now on to the polls! And Lord, please don't let Chuckie come today because I'm in a sour mood from only four hours of sleep thanks to a sinus headache last night.