Russ Ramsland's Time is Now

I had a reader reach out to me asking about Russ Ramsland. They were concerned because they claim to have attended 3 events in the district and felt Russ wasn't connecting with the voters.

My response to this individual was:
"I would suggest that the inexperience with campaigning and working a room so to speak, proves Russ is not a professional politician. Isn't that what we don't want?
Frankly, I witnessed those same tendencies you mention in all 3 candidates running against Sessions. The three candidates are a far cry from the oily Pete Sessions who mouths by rote. When Russ is approached, he is very warm, engaging, and truly cares about the district."
In my opinion, what this reader is comparing Russ to is the slick 20 year incumbent presentation that Pete Sessions and other career politicians have down. In fact, they have worked the rooms for so long, they can do it with their eyes closed. 

Truth is, we don't want that. We shouldn't aspire to that. We want average folks going to DC, doing the job, and coming home. If our candidate is "Sessions slick" then we haven't done our job. 

Sometimes you just have to remind people that what we have is a product of years of GOP leadership grooming and primping. Though it may be shiny to look at, I want to spank it for not listening to us, and quite frankly so should my readers. We didn't come this far in our journey together to fall prey to shiny packaging. It's about substance. It's about who has the experience to go up there and not be eaten by their own.

If we don't vote for principle over looks, principle over insults, principle over Trumpertantrums, then we will end up with another Democrat in the White House and another two years of their policy pal Pete Sessions passing their agenda. I simply don't know how to make this any clearer. We must rally behind one candidate.

Russ Ramsland is a principled man and you can hear that in his message.

Hear his message:

View his photos:


I am happy to report that Russ Ramsland is not Pete Sessions. If you want the same thing, then continue voting for the same, stale candidate. 

If you want to send a different message to Washington DC, send a different messenger. It's that simple.