Sessions Intern Causes Quite The Stir

It looks like Team Sessions is at it again with a social media post meant to confuse voters in Congressional District 32.

A cancellation notice went out for an event called Texas 32 Congressional Candidate Forum, causing people to falsely believe that the NE Dallas County Tea Party Coalition event was canceled.

You can see from the message that this individual thought the forum canceled was the tea party forum.

I can only venture to guess how this confusion occurred, because there exists an SMU event which does not appear to have been canceled on Facebook. Obviously there must have been two invites for this event, one conveniently causing confusion when it was canceled.

So I did a little sleuthing and I found out that the Alexandra Douglass who canceled the event lists her employment on Facebook as Pete Sessions' intern.

Yup Uncle Pete, that rather handy man, seems to like his interns young and hot and one can only imagine the diversion he hopes they stir. Literally and figuratively.

I will reiterate that the Candidate forum scheduled for this Thursday which is sponsored by the NE Dallas County Tea Party Coalition is still being  held, though I am pretty certain Pete Sessions hopes it along with the SMU forum are poorly attended.