Trump, the Ultimate F U Candidate

Tomorrow is the famed Super Tuesday. But with all the jabs, name-calling and  accusations of lying, it is going to be an ugly day at best. As the old Polish proverb goes, this is not my circus and those are not my monkeys.

I never thought I would have to listen to so much nastiness from GOP presidential candidates and their followers, with references by Rubio to Trump's nether region, to innuendo on Cruz's staffing issues, to rumors of gay bubble bath frenzies naming Rubio, I've had enough of the damned circus.

What can I say about where this country is headed? Half of the GOP in this country have a rotten-ass attitude.

On one hand, people want all incumbents out. I listened to voter after voter make their way to the polls in my little town, reverberating a loud, "Anyone but Pete Sessions!" People want to puke violently over these establishysters who made their way into a seat more than a decade ago, and are still hanging on like poo balls on the backside of a sheep. If what I heard at the Collin County polls rings true for Dallas County, Sessions is in deep kimchi and we are on the verge of another Eric Cantor moment.

On the other hand, people want someone so completely foreign to politics that they often ask if the candidates have ever been a politician. If the candidate is a businessman like Russ Ramsland or Donald Trump, they are ecstatic. The conclusion? They don't - want - politicians - period. I honestly don't know how to say it any clearer than that.

People despise politicians so much at the moment, they are willing to overlook the disturbingly caustic, classless, and rude behavior of businessman Donald Trump, for their presidential nomination. Geezus, my grand parents and great grandparents who immigrated here from Poland, are all violently rolling over in their graves over the support of that man. Not in their wildest imaginings could they believe such a thing possible. After what they lived through under Russian tyrants, for the democratic publics to actually want that out of a president is unimaginable.

If people were actually looking for kindness in their politicians, they would be voting for Carson or Kasich, both of whom have stayed out of the bowels of hell. What has usually been the tamer black-glove, face-slapping fest, has morphed into a full-on sucker punching fest, with Trump standing at the top of the hill singing, "Nanny, nanny, boo, boo."

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No doubt here, the GOP is deeply divided. For every Trump voter who piles on with insults and backstabbery, there is an anti-Trump voter who is sick of the bullying tactics, and flocking to support dos Latinos on the ballot.

Both voting sides quite literally hate each other at the moment and I have to admit, I've lost more than one friend over their rabid, frothing-spittle support of Trump. No harm done, because they ain't my kind of monkeys.

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Where you really feel the pulse of voter angst is standing at the polls and greeting voters as they walk up. Many voters come wearing garlic around their necks and carrying a cross to ward off Trump's hairy chest beating, and bare teeth growling coming from his camp.

Then there are the Trump supporters who walk in with boxing gloves, bypassing the "angry-voting" moniker and making it all the way to outright "hate-voting". Trump supporters hate everyone's frigging guts. These people are beyond irate, they are ready to drop a bomb on DC. Frankly, it's frightening.

Trump followers hate what Obama and his swirling-eyed followers have done to this country so badly, that they cannot see they are doing the same exact thing. This knee-jerk reaction explains why someone as classless as Donald Trump, has gained so much popularity.

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Trump is the ultimate F U candidate. He is the one that pissed off white folks are supporting, and I can attest to the steady stream of white people coming in to vote for him.

Even black people are afraid of an angry Trump administration, as many came in telling me they were supporting Cruz, despite being Democrats. Imagine that.

After Obama's eight year divisive reign, even black folks aren't all that interested in swapping the black zealot for the white zealot. Trump scares the bejeezus out of them.

So am I calling Trump supporters racist? Well, sort of. These people are pissed off at Obama, pissed off at the fact he was elected because of his skin color, pissed off that the brown people continue to flood across our borders, and pissed off at the Arabs who want us dead. It's sort of a circumstance in the making. But do I blame them? Not really.

What I am seeing at the polls is a culmination of 5 decades of beating down white people, particularly white males. Whites have been punished with things like Affirmative Action, Black Panthers, Obama guilt, Occupy idiots, petulant award show patronizing, and now Black Lives Matter.

People recently watched Beyonce, the she-devil, twerk herself orgasmic while sporting Black Panthers hate group garb at the Super Bowl half-time show. Then they watched the ho have the nerve to stare up all smiling and googly-eyed at the stands and mouth, "love, love." When reality washed over them they realized what they just witnessed was, pure, unadulterated hatred. Hatred for police, hatred for authority, and hatred for whites.

It's not a stretch to imagine that with Trump knocking, both loving and hating everyone simultaneously, that a new breed of swirling-eyed masses would follow him, just as they did Hitler. Remember how outraged people were that conservatives suggested Obama's reign was similar to Hitler's? Well we're saying the same thing about Trump, as he vows to eradicate massive amounts of brown-skinned people from our borders. I guess instead of gas chambers, he'll use Greyhounds.

Those who are afraid of a Trump reign of terror know there is a far better way to deal with the situation. It requires coming down hard on businesses and people who are hire the illegals. Something I doubt businessman Trump would do. By removing the freebies and severely penalizing their employers,  they will head home on their own accord when the jobs dry up, slowly so as not to collapse the Mexiconomy that exists in the border states.

Those of us living in reality cannot imagine how barbaric such an action would be to watch, as a Friday night roundup of brown skins. Then again, I never imagined how barbaric a presidential campaign could be, or how barbaric voters could be.

Tonight I will have to steady myself for the dread, to once again stand at the polls tomorrow, on what used to be considered an exciting Super Tuesday.  Once again I will watch voter after voter with a baditude head in to the polls to punch that machine vigorously. I wonder if they will be battering that machine for Trump, or countering with Cruz or some other lesser of the evils?

Perhaps Donald Trump is the devil we need. On second thought, perhaps he is just the devil. Guess we'll find out.