Yup Sessions, It's Called Following The City Ordinance

Where once a dumping ground of multi-colored campaign signs once stood along Country Club, only one row of signs made the cut. Apparently Russ Ramsland for Congress campaigners are the only ones who bothered obtaining a copy of Wylie's sign ordinances.

My Ramsland signs were placed correctly. The others? Well, they were illegal and got pulled by Wylie Code Enforcement. Yup. It's how we do stuff around here in Wylie. We follow the rules.

Then again, if your candidate really cared about Wylie, their ordinances and their people, they might have taken the time to find out a little something something about the place rather than dashing in and out, trying to buy votes during campaign season, and dumping signs illegally.

Somewhere in Wylie, a campaign sign graveyard sighs, as plasticized placards belonging to Pete Sessions and a few others, die a slow and lonely death.