The Big Phony Baloney

After a little more investigating, I discovered that Katrina Pierson's claim to have cleaned out her life savings for Ted Cruz's Senate campaign is a tad overstated. I located her contribution, it wasn't hard.

Underwhelming to be sure, considering Pierson told me this story toward the end of her campaign for Congress when we chatted at one of our coordinator meetings. She was angry that Cruz did not endorse her and she complained that other PACs lied to her about money and endorsements.

After I shared my Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson article with my mail list, someone responded, claiming to be close to Pierson and to have insider information from her 2014 campaign against Pete Sessions. Well that is interesting considering she wasn't at any of the coordinator meetings or any of the other events. Seriously, where do these people come from?

This woman proceeded to warn me off spreading my opinion of why Pierson is stumping for Donald Trump. Her reasoning? She claims that Pierson would have won her election had she not been "betrayed" by Heritage Action, FreedomWorks and Ted Cruz who allegedly promised endorsements and "big money" which would have surely pushed her over the top with Sessions. Really?

There is no evidence that she would have won her campaign had she received donations from those entities. She had a long way to go in Dallas County to reach Sessions in the end. And as for claims that FreedomWorks and Heritage Action promised big money and endorsements that did not materialize, it is not possible at this point to know what to believe. Especially since Heritage Action makes neither endorsements nor donations to campaigns, and FreedomWorks did not form a PAC until 2015. Below are the PACs that did contribute to Pierson's campaign.

However, when the news of Pierson's arrest with her baby in tow was released by Team Sessions', would you anticipate in your wildest imaginings that FreedomWorks, Heritage Action, or even Ted Cruz would sully their good names to endorse her?

If anyone is wondering why Pierson was passed over by these three entities, it shouldn't be difficult to figure out.

The more I dig into what went on during Pierson's 2014 congressional campaign, the more I see her for the big phony baloney she was.

Another Pierson Grudge

Last October just after Russ Ramsland announced he would be running against Pete Sessions, I had trouble getting Ramsland's executive committee to approve a major Wylie event. It was our annual Art Festival, and sponsorship meant Ramsland would get a front and center location at the festival, as well as his name on fliers and advertisements sent in every homeowner's water bill. As a sponsor he would also get his name in two magazines sent to every Wylie home in Congressional District 32. He was mostly known only to those in the Preston Hollow and Park Cities area of Dallas, so it was worth the money to participate and get his name out there and his face in front of voters and city leaders.

We were about to miss the deadline to make it on the November water bills and I reached out to Katrina Pierson to whine about it. I knew that if anyone could commiserate, it would be her.

After all, she understood what it was like working with an executive committee where every decision got caught up in red tape. It was why she finally ditched her campaign consultant on her own congressional race. Everybody thinks holding fundraisers at fancy homes, and shaking hands at all the GOP events is important, but they forget that this is Wylie we are talking about.

Wylie represents a tiny piece of the CD32 district, and we pride ourselves on the small-town feel here. There are no fancy pants meet and greets, and the local GOP women's club has terrible attendance at their monthly meetings. Most people in Wylie can't be bothered to come out to vote, let alone attend fundraisers and meet and greets, so having a candidate's face at one of the major community events in Wylie is huge, as is getting his name in their mailboxes.

I complained about feeling like the red-headed stepchild in Wylie, and that I did not have these issues on Pierson's campaign. I was concerned that I was getting nowhere with the people running Ramsland's campaign. This was her response:

Why is this response important? First, because she did not have anything nice to say about many of the very same people who were running her campaign. The faces running the Pierson and Ramsland campaigns were halfway interchangeable. Second, because weeks later she would be badmouthing Ramsland to me when we met about her new job as Trump's national spokesperson.

When I was summoned to meet Pierson in November, one of the things we talk about was Ramsland's campaign. She knew I was annoyed at the red tape and that I had been eyeing Paul Brown very closely. Brown also ran against Sessions along with Ramsland, and to be honest, had I not felt Ramsland had the funds and backing to get it done, I would have jumped on Brown's campaign.

Yet this discussion on Ramsland left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Pierson had some rough things to say about him and his handling of her own campaign finances. I won't go into the details because the point here is that she was badmouthing Ramsland to me, so that I would not work on his campaign. She indicated that he did some untoward things, but in reality I believe he stopped supporting her once the news broke on her arrest and alleged on-the-job affair with a married man.

I met with Ramsland last July when he was thinking about running for Congress. Our conversation turned to Pierson, and being a principled man, he felt the way I did about the dirt the Sessions camp dug up on her. I am sure he felt just as lied to as I did. My understanding is that the Sessions' campaigners had more dirt on Pierson than they ever released, and I got the feeling he knew what that dirt was.

Pierson even went so far as to tell me that after her campaign, that Ramsland allegedly sponsored a private party for her, and that I was specifically uninvited.

Now why would Pierson tell me something that? She might have wanted to hurt my feelings, but I think I have established that she doesn't care about anyone's feelings. I believe she told me that so I would be just angry enough to bail on Ramsland. Except I didn't.

Whether there was a party or not is irrelevant. Her implication was that I was a little below Ramsland and he didn't want anything to do with me. And to be honest, that supposition did color my opinion of him initially. But Pierson's statements are interesting, because Ramsland ended up spending an inordinate amount of time up here in Wylie, at my beck and call, as his campaign progressed.

Why is any of this important? I believe it shows the level of grudges Pierson holds, even enough to try to persuade me to jump ship from Ramsland's campaign, especially since I had indicated to her how much I liked Paul Brown. She already knew from her own campaign that I was capable of winning it in Wylie for Ramsland. For anyone studying the campaigns, it was obvious that Ramsland had the best chance at a runoff. We just didn't anticipate the panic Trump and Cruz voters who showed up without a clue, and selected names down ballot that they had heard of before, ending Ramsland's bid.

I believe Pierson badmouthed Ramsland to me in order to dissuade me from helping his campaign, just like she is badmouthing Ted Cruz for not endorsing her own campaign. It's clear she holds grudges and is being vindictive.

Pierson wants to be big, and she wants it bad enough to leave stiletto marks on everyone's backs.

Texas Values Trump NYC Values

When I pressed the publish button on my Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson post, I never thought my phone, Facebook and email would blow up. To say I am overwhelmed at the moment, is a gross understatement.

Though I have received a lot of hatred from the usual rabid Trump suspects, I have received far more support from people who are nauseated over the smear campaign against Cruz and his family.

But what's next? Will it be Cruz's daughters? Will Katrina Pierson come out next and claim child or sexual abuse or some other disgusting accusation?  If you can go after the mother, you certainly lack the decency to leave the girls alone.

Trump and his little mouthpiece strumpet seem to have no trouble making allegations without any compunction whatsoever as to who it harms. It's insane. No, actually it's sick.

But my story? Turns out, Trump fans really don't have a good comeback. I do believe that if I had background music playing at this very moment it would probably be the Bennie Hill  theme song.

Despite requests for interviews, lots of kudos, and friend requests, I'm just not all that into it. I relieved myself of the burden because Pierson needs to be held accountable for the things she is saying.

Frankly, I think Pierson is out of control, but she is right there along with an out of control Trump, who hurls epithets and accusations like it's popcorn being tossed at the theater. Remember doing that when you were young?

You didn't give a flip about anyone else, you just thought it was funny, and you were having a great time doing it. That is until your friend's mother happened to be there, and then she informed your mother and you got a whopping when you got home.

This, my friends, was a whooping.

To think I used to feel like a mother figure to Pierson. I protected her while on the campaign trail in my territory. I made sure she never walked to her car alone. I made sure she drove off before I left the parking lot.  I hugged her like my own daughter. So to see twisted stories and half-truths come out of her mouth while stumping for Trump, it's quite frankly insulting.

Just look to GrabGate where Pierson indicated it must have been another reporter. Meanwhile a video tells quite another story. Pierson purposely cast suspicion on the other reporter that was near Fields in the photo, and his credibility was at stake thanks to her.

Still, Trump and Pierson seem to find great pleasure in bullying people. Like taunting the Cruz family with threats of spilling beans on the Mrs. That's just plain sadistic.

Someone needs to say it. Someone needs to point out that the people Pierson has no trouble bashing, all have real lives. Like the women accused of having affairs with Cruz, where she so easily cast doubt on while attempting to clear herself.

These are not just crash-test dummies. These are real people, with real lives she is ruining with every silvery twist of her tongue.

Turns out Trump's fans really don't have much they can say about my story, especially because I have no motive. What exactly am I getting out of writing it? Nothing.

I don't know why anyone would drink the NYC Kool-Aid, but this I do know, the only thing tougher than NYC values, are Texas values adopted by a Detroit native.

Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson

What do you do when you are snubbed by Ted Cruz? Evidently, you go work for the anti-Cruz and attempt to ruin him and his wife.

Katrina Pierson has proven she will stop at nothing to get herself into the spotlight. Where once I thought she was a smart, sassy woman who had pulled herself up by her bootstraps, I now pity the bizarre, plastic caricature she has become. This is not the Katrina Pierson I knew.

Photo credit:
This reveal should put a little perspective on the woman behind the National Enquirer alleged affair between Pierson and Cruz, and the bean spilling Pierson took part in this weekend over Heidi Cruz.

Though much ado has been made about the affair rumor being cooked up by Marco Rubio's folks, I would suggest a closer look at Trumps personal bulldog instead.

Pierson spent her time as a volunteer on Cruz's Senate campaign, attempting to make herself look far more important to him than she actually was. She played the part well, making sure someone took photos of her the handful of times she ever met him. It's what shallow people do just so they can appear important.

The more I got to know Pierson, the more I saw her vindictive side. This whole nonsense about Cruz, affairs and dirt on Heidi Cruz all stem from the little snotty chick who has temper tantrums and holds massive grudges.

Ask yourself, exactly what is Pierson's motivation for slamming Cruz and the Mrs., when only a few short months ago she was singing her praises as,"The Next First Lady!"

If you can do that, and turn around and bash her, you either have multiple personality disorder, or you have sinister motives. So which is it?

For those people holding on to what teeny shred might be left of the old Pierson, you are wasting your time and energy. She holds no loyalty to anyone. Pierson is about Pierson. Just ask those who were once close to her and will no longer have anything to do with her.

Where once Pierson called me "friend" she quickly removed me when she found out I no longer appreciated her anti-conservative and un-Christian-like behavior.

The Pierson I first met was kind, thoughtful and a little mousy. She seemed to share many of the same conservative principles I did.

Katrina Pierson at my house with a few grassroots conservatives.

One of my first glimpses of Pierson's temperament was backstage at a Senate candidate forum we co-sponsored. It was at this very forum that we all fell in love with Ted Cruz for Senate.

A woman who was supposed to coordinate all the volunteers didn't show up on time. People needed to be seated and candidates needed to be escorted backstage. I took over and coordinated the volunteers, then ran backstage to see where Pierson wanted the candidates because they were wandering around, unsure where to go. Pierson whined, "Oh, everything is going to get all fucked up." I told her not to worry and that I would take care of everything.

I was a bit taken aback. This senate debate was her baby and she didn't even bother herself to go make sure things were handled. I was also taken aback because this woman who was supposed to have it all together, just wanted to be the princess who could walk out on stage to introduce everyone, and smile at all the applause and adoration.


Why am I spilling the beans on Pierson? Because I want to rid myself of the part I played in creating that dog.

Katrina Pierson at Congressional Campaign Kickoff Meeting
That dog is a woman who sidled up alongside Ted Cruz during his campaign, hoping she would be tossed a bone. Pierson mistakenly thought Cruz would reward her volunteerism by endorsing her congressional campaign, but that bone never materialized.

She admitted to me on two separate occasions that she was very angry about Cruz's lack of help or endorsement after she nearly went broke working on his campaign. She told me she had donated her life savings. Never mind the fact that her shoplifting arrest and rumors of a supposed affair with a married man came out during her campaign. I guess when you have no real value system in place, you have no social gauge that reads, "Gee, people don't trust me."

After Cruz was elected to the Senate, Pierson had to reinvent herself in order to keep her face in front of the cameras.

Even before she decided to run for Congress, I recall coming home from a Pete Sessions town hall and complaining to my husband about her. It was raining outside and the princess in high heels stood in the entry hallway of Sachse High School. She handed me the keys to her white Mercedes and asked me to get a box of fliers out of her trunk.

Me taking a photo of two Wylie City Councilmen at Pete Sessions' Town Hall in Sachse
There I went trudging out in the rain, as if my hair and heels were somehow less important than hers. I was pissed. I dropped the box at her feet and walked off, refusing to sit with her during the meeting, though she texted me asking where I was. I came home and told my husband all about the Prima Donna, and he just shook his head. He knew where she was headed, but he also knew me well enough to know I had to figure it out for myself.

When Pierson ran for Congress against Pete Sessions, they did us all a favor. They shared some of the dirt they found on her, though not all I'm told.

Photo credit:
Pierson has turned out to be quite the catch for Donald Trump's campaign. They completely deserve each other. But let this be a warning about the type of people Trump surrounds himself with.

I suppose I should never have accepted the first lie of Pierson's campaign to begin with. I will always remember that July 2013 day, when the seven of us gathered around her at Firewheel Coffee. Before the campaign coordinators finished our business with her, I asked her if there was anything in her past that we should know about. She told us no. There are seven witnesses to Pierson lying to us.

Katrina Pierson mugshot
I thought that when the dirt came out about Pierson's arrest and alleged affair, that she was embarrassed and that was why she didn't want us to know about it. We all make mistakes, yet knowing that bit of information up front would have changed the face of her campaign coordinators, and she knew it. Even after the dirt came out, the slow divide between her and the area coordinators began. As far as I know, there remains only one or two loyal to her. The rest of us want nothing more to do with her.

Booth I sponsored for Katrina Pierson at Sachse Fall Fest
There I was, promoting Pierson during her campaign against Sessions. Trying to get my Wylie peeps to get pictures with her highness. After her campaign was over, there was a particular friend who could never make it out to see her, and I asked Pierson if she would come out and take a picture with the woman. After all, this lady walked the neighborhoods, placed large signs on her property, and stood at the polls throughout the election, the very least Katrina could do was drive the 20 minutes from Garland. But no. That was our thanks. We were of no more use to her.

I recall telling my husband just how hacked off I was that she lied to us, when the dirt on Pierson came out. He shook his head once more. Still, what were those alternatives again? I had given my word that I would work on Pierson's campaign and I completed the task as promised. I sure wasn't going to work on Sessions' campaign. He needs to go.

When she lost her bid for Congress, she began working her way onto the pundit circuit. With stints on Neil Cavuto, all Pierson had to do was wait and strike at the right moment. It would be a matter of time before she would worm her way onto Megyn Kelly's show.

It wasn't very long after, when she ran into Trump at a political event in the Carolina's, telling him she would be happy to work on his campaign if he decided to run for president. It came as no surprise that shortly afterwards she was tweeting photos of herself in Ivanka Trump's dresses and showing that Rand Paul's wife wore it too.

As it became evident that Trump would run for president, Pierson stepped up her unsolicited support of him on the talk shows. She knew that she would capture his attention one way or another.

When Pierson was finally successful in worming her way onto Trump's campaign, she sent me a text to meet up, in what appeared as an attempt to bring me to the counter. It felt like a "come into the fold or look away" meeting, as she sat there all plastic and Barbie-like.

She rolled her eyes, took deep breaths, and and touched her hair as a grand gesture, all movie-staresque. I thought to myself, "Are you freaking for real? This is me you are talking to. I know the real you."

She mistook my desire to do good for the whole grassroots as undying support for whatever it is she felt like doing and saying. She was wrong.

I did look the other way for a while because not all of us will agree on every topic, and we don't have to. But when news came out about her bashing conservatives, I absolutely had enough. Her fans claimed the tweets were lies, but I knew better.

Evidently Pierson isn't quite the conservative she pretended to be. When I searched her tweets, they were quite telling and I could no longer play happy warrior. When her support of Trump, her behavior and her lies turned just plain bizarre, I permanently wrote her off.

Pierson on the campaign trail in Wylie
I wasn't surprised at the outlandish National Enquirer accusations about Cruz and some alleged affairs. For God sake, Pierson knew how to dress up for a campaign meet and greet at a farm in Wylie, so she should have known better than to trounce around in her teeny, yellow tank top when working on his campaign. This was a senatorial campaign she was working on, didn't she know enough to dress a little more professionally around her candidate? Evidently not.

The affair stories are ridiculous. Though I don't care for Pierson's new politics, and I don't care to be lied to by her, I do not believe she had an affair with Cruz because he is too principled for that. I do believe this story was cooked up by the Trump camp as more sour grapes.

As part of Pierson's bean spilling today, she claims Cruz is really an establishment type thanks to his wife's past dealings, yet when playing the media whore on her climb into the spotlight, she sullied herself with exactly the same type.

Pierson's true quality of character shines through and how she can post a photo of Heidi Cruz claiming she is the next First Lady, and then turn around and spill the beans is unconscionable. It wreaks of vindictive woman, trying to get back at Cruz for not supporting her in the past.

As far as my credibility, I believe that I reasonably established my past friendship with Pierson, and that makes me a credible source. I do not get paid to be a blogger, nor do I have any political aspirations. I hold down a full-time job as an operations manager for a network cybersecurity company, I attend school full-time working toward a Master's, and I blog in what little free time I have left.

Why did I write this? Because Pierson clearly has an ax to grind against Cruz, and she needs to be called out for her motives in working for Trump's campaign.

Headline photo credit: Facebook

The Texas Shrew

Katrina Pierson
Katrina Pierson's snotty attitude used to be kind of cute when it was just a lil' Texas gal being interviewed about local politics. But as a supposed national spokesperson? It reads puckishly shrill and shows a level of immaturity, as well as a total lack of control over emotions. This is not a communications professional, it's a poser with a BA in Biology, who left stiletto marks on her pals backs on her way up.

The fact that Pierson is lying should also be of some significance here. You can always tell she is selling something rotten in Denmark when the ghetto comes out. "Thee...whatever, thee...whatever, and thee...whatever" The rolling eyes and head bob give it all away, though she has taken great pains to control that "sista" side of her since she became Trump's media shrew. 

The PAC Pierson references is an anti-Trump Super PAC, but she maintains Cruz has some sinister control over their activities. I guess if you repeat "lyin" over and over again like her boss does, you hope it won't bounce back and stick on you.

This is about par behavior from someone who holds a massive grudge against Cruz because he would not endorse her congressional race in 2014. He did call her "courageous" and she ran with that, hoping nobody would notice the gaping hole his lack of endorsement left on her push cards.To say she was pissed about his snub is an understatement. I know, I was there behind the scenes working on her campaign, and it came up in our private discussions - twice. 

Pierson was twice snubbed by Cruz when his presidential campaign refused to hire her to work for him. Word is, they didn't want her, not even as a volunteer. Then again, after we have witnessed her performance for Trump, guess we can see the Cruz Crew were a good judge of character.

Pierson has lost a ton of support here at home. No matter. It is clear she doesn't intend to come back and sully herself with the likes of her campaign worker bees. She's on to much more important things, like money, and playing Megyn Kelly wannabe.

Guess Pierson thought putting what she called her, "life savings" into Cruz's campaign would somehow make Cruz beholden to her, and willing to overlook the dirt Pete Sessions' crew dug up on her, such as her shoplifting arrest while she had her baby in tow, and alleged the on-the-job affair with a married man she claims never happened. Nope, Ted is principled. Then again, if you are the kind of woman who hides these details from your campaign team, even when they ask point blank if there is anything in your past that we need to know about, you will go to great lengths to lie about, well, anything.

Astoundingly, Pierson gives justification for Trump's threat on Heidi Cruz:

As if justifying threatening tweets with one's roaring womanhood isn't enough, what I find worse is that Pierson waves off a vile retweet Trump made about Heidi Cruz:

Nope, Pierson doesn't represent roaring womanhood. She doesn't even represent caped girl power. Not even close. After that screamer performance, she reads as plain old bratty pre-pubescent.

I used to call Pierson a friend, now I agree with Team Sessions who wrote two years ago to warn me she was a charlatan. You know, I'm willing to look the other way for stupid things we do when we are younger. I am even willing to play happy warrior when I don't agree with someone but believe they are working for the greater good of grassroots conservatives, but I will not bend my principles for stupid things said under the guise of conservative values. It sullies the very notion.

Guess I'm off Pierson's Facebook Friend's List. Big whoop.

Fire and Ice Day in Wylie

Not only was the western half of Texas on fire most of the day due to high winds and super dry air, but wouldn't you know a line of nasty storms formed on the other side of DFW and tore through, dropping ridiculous amount of hail, and damaging properties in its path?

Here's a little bit of my fun for the evening. As far as I can tell in the dark, our damage isn't anywhere near the sort I've heard about in the area. I'll know better when the sun comes up. Sorry about the video quality, I was trying to record through the screened storm door, but you get the idea of the intensity.

A friend posted this photo of damage to the local 24-hour Walmart which had to close.

Photo credit; R. Wright
Suffice to say, I made a midnight call to the insurance company to get my claim in early because tomorrow morning the lines will be jammed.

Befuddled by the Clowns
We are just about to see all the covert activities that took place in Wylie over the past election season, going as far back as a year or so ago, when Representative Pete Sessions found he might be in trouble. Bet you can just hear the sucking, slurping sound all the way in Dallas County.

It is absolutely appalling the lengths Sessions will go to ingratiate his new bestie, Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue. Honestly, you can just feel my eyeballs rolling wildly, can't you?

Earlier this year it was announced that Sessions helped Wylie get a Superfund site cleaned up, with the EPA picking up the roughly $800K bill. Conveniently, the article was published in the City of Wylie's official newspaper, The Wylie News, just before early voting started.

Now, another pledge of eternal friendship has come to light, and to be honest, these activities deserve closer scrutiny. This is how the most recent sordid tale goes.

Hogue took the opportunity while at a convention in Las Vegas working as our Mayor last year, to meet with famed magician David Copperfield. Sounds innocent enough. Hogue put himself through college playing Clinky the Clown and performing magic tricks, so one can see a natural connection. But this little venture has resulted in more than just innocent promotion of his hobby. It brings to the forefront the bought and paid fallout surrounding our city.

It seems Hogue used his extra special red hotline to get both Copperfield and Sessions on the phone together. During that call they proposed the drafting of a mystical magical resolution, that will grant, "rare and valuable art form and national treasure" status to magic.

It's not as if people did not already consider it an art form in the US, still the magic wand had to be officially waved to protect intellectual property. Because they can, all on our tax dollars. Meanwhile we pay Sessions' $174K annual salary to focus on Hogue's hobby, when in reality the House should be focusing on the country's purse strings right now.

Consider this, you have the ear of one of the top five most powerful politicians in DC, and passing this feat of legislature is your focus? What a waste of prime user ability.

Oh sure, HR 642 is some riveting stuff, considering all the other shit our mayor and congressman could be focusing on. But no, the way Hogue looks to get his personal crap done is through his new fast friend.

A year they worked on this resolution, despite the fact the Society of Magicians couldn't get it done in over 40 years. Oh, but Sessions has been particularly motivated to focus on his once ignored Wylie over the past year, considering he picked up an opponent and all. Also considering the only blogger in the US pointing out his voting record, and the fact that he and his wife do not even live in Texas, happens to also live in Wylie. Um well, then there's that.

A whole year of our mayor's time that should have been focused on Wylie, instead was used promoting his personal hobby. But hey, when you're in office too long it's proof you'll do just about anything to promote your flights of fancy, including dancing with the devil.

It didn't escape the notice of Wylie's grassroots conservatives, that Pete Sessions was able to buy votes down at Wylie City Hall, from some very surly, and fickle characters who once supported Katrina Pierson's bid against Sessions. It's amazing how a little money applied to the problem can fix things.

I mean seriously, if you could provide support to an opponent one season, then turn around and ignore all the facts published about Sessions' voting record the next, running back in search of attention out of the white-haired charlatan in DC, you must be desperate. Or clearly in office too long, which is how things seem to be shaping up for both of them lately.

So if this great feat passes, because our House obviously has nothing better to do than to consider whether magic is an art form or not, I can only hope that the joint magic trick planned between Hogue and Copperfield during a panel discussion at the Congressional Visitors Center, is to make Pete Sessions permanently go away in a puff of smoke. Poof.

Dumpy Trump and His Painted Caricature Side Show Freaks

Photo credit:
The Trump vultures come out to protect their beloved, but lets just put this issue to bed once and for all. Really.

There is no debunking of Michelle Field's claim going on in this video. If anything, frame by frame it gives a much clearer picture of the strength of Corey Lewandowski's hand gripping her arm. 

I watched this video over and over again and Fields' forward momentum was abruptly stopped. If you watch the top of her head, she sinks down at least 2 inches as he grabs her arm and pulls her down and then back. 

Personally I have had my arm pulled like that by a man, just like he did to her. With the abrupt stop of my forward motion, and with the gripping strength pulling my arm down and back, it hurt. Nobody should have to get hurt or feel pain regardless of how much we don't like that person. 

I stepped through the video frame by frame. Lewandowski did not put out a straight arm as a shield into which Fields walked. He did that with other people and he certainly could have done that with her. Rather, he grabbed her arm and physically removed her momentum. Yikes.

From the position of Fields' hand at the beginning of the video, it appeared she was gently reaching out to touch Trump's arm to see if he would talk to her, and in fact in other videos he was turned toward her seemingly already engaged. Her thumb is in the open position so she is not grabbing his arm. It's not clear if she actually touched him or not.

We can see Lewandowski reached out to into Fields' personal space and clutch her arm. It wasn't another reporter as has been claimed by the Trump freak show.

For a split second when he grabbed her and his body is fully covering her in the video, we cannot tell whether she nearly lost her footing or not. Still, his hand was on her arm with enough strength to not allow her to topple or swing around, which might have happened if he had pushed her or tried to stop her with an open hand. 

Still, Fields did not remain in an upright position and that is evident by the downward slight crumpling motion of her body as Lewandowski grabbed her. With his fingers around her arm, with who knows what varying degree of pressure he used in his fingers and grip, he was touching her person. 

Fields did not appear to wince, but we cannot guess as to her level of pain tolerance. To have that happen so abruptly would certainly have shocked and spooked me as well, leaving little time for reaction. Her feelings are justified, even if she conflated them. 

As a woman, I find the grabbing of her arm in that manner to be aggressive and offensive. Considering the shock of being the only person in the room to be grabbed, she held the decorum required of a journalist.

Except Trump and his people believe that because she's a young, attractive, bright and aggressive reporter, she should just suck it up. She's just crying wolf. Oh, I see, so it is OK if we do that to their mothers or grandmas then? Talk about your double standard. 

Yet the Trump vultures claim nothing happened in their usual Teflon manner. They claim it must have been someone else. They insult our intelligence by pretending people would not be shocked to have their arm grabbed like that. Don't insult our intelligence by pretending that it was someone other than Lewandowski who grabbed Fields. The blue shirt collar color is quite distinctive. 

Breitbart News should have stood by their reporter. Now they've lost other employees, including the absolute brilliance of Ben Shapiro. I cannot blame them. When your employer won't stand by you, who wants to work for that? 

Trump is not a conservative. He is not a tea party candidate. He is a thug who says and does what he wants without consequence. Evidenced by the way he told people to beat up protesters at his event and he would pay their legal fees. 

It's not surprising Trump hires thugs to protect him physically or verbally as we see out of his campaign manager and his national spokesperson. Is it any surprise they want to pretend it's someone else's fault and claim Fields doesn't have a right to complain?  Even the dumpy Trump came out to belly flop on Fields' claims despite much video evidence.

Don't we have more important things to be worrying about than Trump's perpetual three ring circus with the freakishly painted, plastic caricature side shows that surround him? The stupidity is causing us to take our focus off the real issues. 

Just my conflated three cents.

The Smooth Sounds of Mr. Jones

What can I say about the race in Wylie for place 3 on the city council?  What can I say about former councilman Bennie Jones that I haven't already said? Oh, he's smooth alright.

One love, Mr. Jones style. Frankly, it's a bit Super Bowl Beyonceish, except he only loves you if you don't mind that he lied on his City of Dallas job application about past arrests. He only loves you if you don't mind that he broke City of Dallas ethics rules, by knowingly signing up his son's DJ company on their approved vendor list, in a total conflict of interest I might add. Oh, and he was terminated for it too. But hey, let's not bother with any of that. Let's look at what Bennie Jones is trying to claim to voters instead.

In some stupor of grandiosity, Jones seems to believe he is far more important to the city of Wylie than he really is or more to the point, ever has been.

To be honest, I thought I was reading a parody when I received The Wylie News and saw the article that Jones is seeking reelection. In the news blip, he claims he was, "instrumental in bringing new parks with multiple sports venues, Woodbridge Shopping Center, a new movie theater and Kroger's supermarket to town." Indeedy, he would have you think he singlehandedly brought Target, B&B Theatres, and Kroger all on his lonesome. Right, he built that.

Can someone please tell Jones that merely voting yes does not constitute being instrumental? A whole lot of negotiations with a whole lot of city personnel have gone on with these entities to bring them to Wylie, along with a gang of 7 vote, not just Jones pushing the "yes" button on the dais.

This is precisely the type of conflated talk we get from Jones, and there is a perfect example of it in the article. Jones states, "As your voice at City Hall, I will work diligently toward strategic city growth by proposing that a community college be established here, along with a water park, bowling alley and an outdoor amphitheater." Wow, just wow.

First of all, talk of Collin College opening a campus here has gone on for a long time, taking a more serious turn in the past year, during the time that he, um, hasn't been in office.

Collin College is already proposed for the area across the street from city hall, and Mayor Eric Hogue even mentioned the near reality of it in his State of the City address last month. To imagine that Jones is going to "propose" it is truly laughable and ridiculously implausible. But this is what we get with him.

According to Jones, he proposed Target move in at Woodbridge crossing. He proposed that Kroger come. He proposed that B&B Theatres come. It's all his doing. Well I've got a bridge to sell you if you believe that.

Not to burst his bubble, but with regards to Jones' exclamations that he will bring Wylie all those goodies for families, I heard Councilman William Whitney talking about a water park ages ago. I've chatted with Councilwoman Diane Culver about a bowling alley years ago. Interestingly, the communications director for Wylie and I had a discussion quite some time ago about an amphitheater. The truth is, this stuff has been kicked around for years, it's not a wondrous epiphany conjured up solely in Jones' grand imaginings. Oh, but he'll take the credit for it, because he has a phone and a pen.

Jones provides us with a continual conflation of facts. To hear Jones talk about his Wylie Youth Council, one might think it's the greatest thing in Wylie since sliced bread.

Now here are some cold hard truths about Jones. His group has no name recognition within Wylie whatsoever. Why? Because Jones is not a leader. He doesn't know how to promote it, he doesn't know how to get funding. He doesn't know how to reach out to all at-risk students other than a handful. He holds relatively token events with a dozen students, and two friends and some family members running it. His events aren't widely attended at all. And when I ask people around the community if they have heard of Jones' youth program, they haven't. So let's not have any preconceived notions that Jones is some stellar community leader. He's not.

What Jones lacks in leadership for his youth group, he also carried with him in his lack of leadership on council. Nobody saw him as mayor pro tem material the years he was on council, and he was handed only token board positions. He was not some stellar councilman, he was one person out of a team of seven with a yes or no button.

There are your smooth sounds of Bennie Jones and they aren't so smooth after all.

We Should Be Making People Great Again

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What is it with people whining on the social networks that others are bashing their beloved Donald Trump? Gee, try not posting your pro-Trump memes and articles on pages that say "tea party" or "conservative" on them. Ya think?

I cannot imagine why I need to point this out, but Trump is neither a tea party nor a conservative candidate. He is a mouthpiece for re-germination of the populist movement. He is the leader of a group of ordinary people who are demanding their leader not hold them to a higher standard.

Hence Trump speaks in the vernacular. They clearly don't expect the leader of the greatest nation on earth to verbally outclass them. It's OK that Trump is woefully ordinary at speaking, cussing and logic. It's OK that he never says anything brilliant. Insults and snarkiness are acceptable because that's what they all do on TV and in the movies, isn't it? Don't the ordinary people speak in plain, dumbed down terms? We've certainly dumbed down since Shakespeare's time.

The talk emanating from Trump isn't about making Americans great again, it's about making America great. Ordinary people will remain just that, painfully ordinary under a Trump administration.

Trump's rhetoric isn't focused on reducing corporate tax rates, it's focused on putting the leaders of other nations in their place for stealing our jobs and money. The rhetoric isn't focused on enforcing our immigration laws, stopping sanctuary city funding, and ending the flow of freebies, it's on shipping 11 million people outta here. The rhetoric isn't on protecting national sovereignty, it's about forcing Mexico to build that wall that keeps getting higher every time The Trump feels insulted. Notice the slight nuances?

There is no exceptionalism building verbiage coming from Trump. Just an, "I'm going to rid us of all the parasites sucking up the freebies and I'm going to put those bad countries who stole all our jobs to shame, and somehow Obama's people on the dole will be miraculously motivated to go get jobs again," Everything will be great again. Believe him.

Conservatives want a president who speaks brilliantly and can lead the nation. We hold our leader to a higher level than we hold ourselves. Conservatives want people to prosper. They want companies that are not oppressed by taxes and mandates to prosper. They want people to be able to freely express their religious convictions so they can spiritually prosper. They want the constitution adhered to so people can prosper. They want a government that gets out of the people's way so they can prosper. With prosperity, the people will be great again. See the difference?

Nothing great is going to come out of Trump's plans. Does nobody see this? You cannot ship back millions of people without harming the economy. You cannot force warm relations with what are supposed to be your allies, by insulting them. You cannot make America great again without motivating the people to be great again.

Diary of an Angry White Mob

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Is it me, or has anyone else noticed that all of Trump's supporters are angry white people? From the nasty vet who verbally accosted me over his signs at the polls when I offered to help, to the pissed off voters who stormed into the polls all purse-lipped and persnickety, to the array of white folks who attend the massive rallies around the country.

In fact, as cold as it sounds, the only black person of  notice has been Trump's well paid spox Katrina Pierson sitting in the front row at all his debates and rallies. That is, until Trump announced in last night's debate that he offered an education position to Dr. Ben Carson, essentially as payment for his endorsement. Carson is now his other token black.
I almost pissed myself laughing when I heard Carson exclaim that he is supporting Trump because he has,"a more cerebral side." Nobody running for president is more cerebral than Senator Ted Cruz. That man is brilliant.

It's amazing what people will do when money is tossed their way. It helps provide them a sense of amnesia against all the caustic statements uttered by Trump. It also helps them divorce themselves from previously held conservative principles. Then again, I'll probably be accused of, "pulling the race card" for pointing out the whiteness factor.

Don't believe me? Below is a screenshot from Google images of Trump rallies. Just look at the sea of white.

The images are disturbing and so is the odd behavior of Trump's supporters. Look at what took place at the North Carolina rally when this white man sucker punched a black man, and liked it.

I don't care what the black man was saying, there is no excuse for this behavior. We all have to share this earth.

I don't know how much plainer it could be to anyone watching the CNN debate last night, that Trump proved himself to be utterly clueless regarding Common Core, ISIS, Cuba, Israel, and all foreign affairs.

Still, that little factoid is ignored because white people are miffed at the wave if immigrants as well as the Black Lives Matter hate group propelled by Obama's racist rhetoric. Trump is simply tapping into that as the spray-tanned, badly combed over, insanely rich, white leader. Trump is further dividing our country, and frankly he doesn't care. Trump wants to make Trump great again and his paid crew are barnacling along for the ride.

Trump's divisive platform is no different than Obama's has been, it's just a different color.

Pete Sessions, Meet Ed Rankin

After Pete Sessions squeaked by on the backs of clueless panic voters last night, we have one more shot at him this year. Though the GOP may be down and out, the Libertarians are not. This November, Sessions will once again be on the chopping block and there is no Democrat to run against him. It will be GOP vs. Libertarian.

Meet Ed Rankin, our new poster boy.

Libertarian Rankin now has a seasoned, ready-made, well-oiled campaign machine that I suspect will solidify behind him for a run against Sessions in the general election this November.

We will only be limited by the number of crazed, vacant voters who show up to vote their presidential candidate in office.

To be honest, I am not expecting the massive numbers to repeat in November because I think that great bravado is all they really had in them. By November, they will be completely demoralized again knowing a Trump nomination cannot beat Hillary and as history repeats itself, they will stay home like they did for McCain and Romney.

Then again, people may have it in them one more time to vote in droves in another epic election.

Still, with the converging of Roughneen, Brown and Ramsland volunteers covering all of the polls, we may just be able to get it done.

Pete Sessions, you're on notice.

Newbie, Clueless Panic Voters Keep Sessions

The results are slowly coming in and it appears that Pete Sessions has kept his cushy job, thanks to massive amounts of newbie panic voters who came to the polls to vote for their presidential candidate, but were clueless on the down ballot.

What good is it if you pick  your way through police blockades and lack of parking spaces just to select names on the down ballot that you recognize, without any clue as to who the others are. That's what throngs of stupid people did, who walked up to the polls claiming they had never heard of any of the other candidates, and punched buttons for names they heard of. Stupid, stupid people. Really, don't hurt yourselves thinking.

Had we really contemplated the totality of this election thoroughly, we should have known that vacant minded voters would be panic punching the ballots. To help ward them off, we could have blanketed the entire list of registered voters with campaign fliers so they might at least know who or what they were voting for.

But who has that kind of money? When it costs roughly $23K to do one mailing to those who actually voted in the last CD32 primary, you can probably imagine how much it would cost to mail the whole shebang.

Still, if you are going to show up and vote for a presidential nominee based on principle, why wouldn't you vote principle the whole ballot down? They didn't. The further down the ballot you go, those 116K total votes in Collin County dwindled to a fifth of those numbers. These dummies voted for the presidential race on their ballots, selected names they knew in the congressional races, and no voted the rest of the way down. Smart.

No votes are what saved the down ballot from total disruption. The 'real' savvy voters were able to vote in the candidates that were highly endorsed by conservative groups. The congressional races, not so much. All three usual congressional suspects got to keep their seats, including that petrified Sam Johnson.

In what was an amazing muscle flexing election in Texas, clueless voters made their way to the polls, double parking, parking on the grass, and parking over campaign signs in order to voice their presidential choice against the establishment. And in the process, Sessions was handed his seat by people voting in a name they heard before, but didn't have a clue about his establishment voting record. Pure dumb luck.

In Collin County for instance, two years ago when Katrina Pierson ran, there were 1,265 votes counted. This time there were 5,026 counted. Russ Ramsland got more than twice the votes Pierson received two years ago. And these numbers are extrapolated in Dallas County thanks to the higher percentage of voters who turned out. The fact is, campaign volunteers reached a massive number of voters over two years ago. That's huge.

Why am I still optimistic? Because that means that two years from now, with the right candidate, and a lack of panic voting, Pete Sessions will be gone.

For his part, Sessions can switch things up and try voting on behalf of his conservative constituents. Doubtful. He can swap his homestead from his Florida home to his Texas home and risk getting caught for not living there. He can have his wife register to vote in Texas and just have staff pick up the mail. He can even move himself, his wife and her children to Texas. Drastic, considering she hates this state.

Yet none of that will matter, because his record is out there, and regular savvy voters who do show up to vote regularly, will still have a clue in two years.

Two years from now, we will have even more crappy voting record to show voters, because Sessions cannot help himself from his greedy votes in concert with the GOP leadership. Two years from now, he could be living in Texas or even on Mars instead of Florida, and the routine voters will still hate him. Two years from now, there will not be a massive stream of unreachable voters who come in glassy-eyed to pick Trump or Cruz along with any name they recognize.

Two years from now we will finally rid ourselves of that man. That is, if Libertarian Ed Rankin doesn't take him out in November. Well then there's that.

Pete Sessions, we aren't through with you yet this year. Pinkie promise.