Another Pierson Grudge

Last October just after Russ Ramsland announced he would be running against Pete Sessions, I had trouble getting Ramsland's executive committee to approve a major Wylie event. It was our annual Art Festival, and sponsorship meant Ramsland would get a front and center location at the festival, as well as his name on fliers and advertisements sent in every homeowner's water bill. As a sponsor he would also get his name in two magazines sent to every Wylie home in Congressional District 32. He was mostly known only to those in the Preston Hollow and Park Cities area of Dallas, so it was worth the money to participate and get his name out there and his face in front of voters and city leaders.

We were about to miss the deadline to make it on the November water bills and I reached out to Katrina Pierson to whine about it. I knew that if anyone could commiserate, it would be her.

After all, she understood what it was like working with an executive committee where every decision got caught up in red tape. It was why she finally ditched her campaign consultant on her own congressional race. Everybody thinks holding fundraisers at fancy homes, and shaking hands at all the GOP events is important, but they forget that this is Wylie we are talking about.

Wylie represents a tiny piece of the CD32 district, and we pride ourselves on the small-town feel here. There are no fancy pants meet and greets, and the local GOP women's club has terrible attendance at their monthly meetings. Most people in Wylie can't be bothered to come out to vote, let alone attend fundraisers and meet and greets, so having a candidate's face at one of the major community events in Wylie is huge, as is getting his name in their mailboxes.

I complained about feeling like the red-headed stepchild in Wylie, and that I did not have these issues on Pierson's campaign. I was concerned that I was getting nowhere with the people running Ramsland's campaign. This was her response:

Why is this response important? First, because she did not have anything nice to say about many of the very same people who were running her campaign. The faces running the Pierson and Ramsland campaigns were halfway interchangeable. Second, because weeks later she would be badmouthing Ramsland to me when we met about her new job as Trump's national spokesperson.

When I was summoned to meet Pierson in November, one of the things we talk about was Ramsland's campaign. She knew I was annoyed at the red tape and that I had been eyeing Paul Brown very closely. Brown also ran against Sessions along with Ramsland, and to be honest, had I not felt Ramsland had the funds and backing to get it done, I would have jumped on Brown's campaign.

Yet this discussion on Ramsland left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Pierson had some rough things to say about him and his handling of her own campaign finances. I won't go into the details because the point here is that she was badmouthing Ramsland to me, so that I would not work on his campaign. She indicated that he did some untoward things, but in reality I believe he stopped supporting her once the news broke on her arrest and alleged on-the-job affair with a married man.

I met with Ramsland last July when he was thinking about running for Congress. Our conversation turned to Pierson, and being a principled man, he felt the way I did about the dirt the Sessions camp dug up on her. I am sure he felt just as lied to as I did. My understanding is that the Sessions' campaigners had more dirt on Pierson than they ever released, and I got the feeling he knew what that dirt was.

Pierson even went so far as to tell me that after her campaign, that Ramsland allegedly sponsored a private party for her, and that I was specifically uninvited.

Now why would Pierson tell me something that? She might have wanted to hurt my feelings, but I think I have established that she doesn't care about anyone's feelings. I believe she told me that so I would be just angry enough to bail on Ramsland. Except I didn't.

Whether there was a party or not is irrelevant. Her implication was that I was a little below Ramsland and he didn't want anything to do with me. And to be honest, that supposition did color my opinion of him initially. But Pierson's statements are interesting, because Ramsland ended up spending an inordinate amount of time up here in Wylie, at my beck and call, as his campaign progressed.

Why is any of this important? I believe it shows the level of grudges Pierson holds, even enough to try to persuade me to jump ship from Ramsland's campaign, especially since I had indicated to her how much I liked Paul Brown. She already knew from her own campaign that I was capable of winning it in Wylie for Ramsland. For anyone studying the campaigns, it was obvious that Ramsland had the best chance at a runoff. We just didn't anticipate the panic Trump and Cruz voters who showed up without a clue, and selected names down ballot that they had heard of before, ending Ramsland's bid.

I believe Pierson badmouthed Ramsland to me in order to dissuade me from helping his campaign, just like she is badmouthing Ted Cruz for not endorsing her own campaign. It's clear she holds grudges and is being vindictive.

Pierson wants to be big, and she wants it bad enough to leave stiletto marks on everyone's backs.