Befuddled by the Clowns
We are just about to see all the covert activities that took place in Wylie over the past election season, going as far back as a year or so ago, when Representative Pete Sessions found he might be in trouble. Bet you can just hear the sucking, slurping sound all the way in Dallas County.

It is absolutely appalling the lengths Sessions will go to ingratiate his new bestie, Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue. Honestly, you can just feel my eyeballs rolling wildly, can't you?

Earlier this year it was announced that Sessions helped Wylie get a Superfund site cleaned up, with the EPA picking up the roughly $800K bill. Conveniently, the article was published in the City of Wylie's official newspaper, The Wylie News, just before early voting started.

Now, another pledge of eternal friendship has come to light, and to be honest, these activities deserve closer scrutiny. This is how the most recent sordid tale goes.

Hogue took the opportunity while at a convention in Las Vegas working as our Mayor last year, to meet with famed magician David Copperfield. Sounds innocent enough. Hogue put himself through college playing Clinky the Clown and performing magic tricks, so one can see a natural connection. But this little venture has resulted in more than just innocent promotion of his hobby. It brings to the forefront the bought and paid fallout surrounding our city.

It seems Hogue used his extra special red hotline to get both Copperfield and Sessions on the phone together. During that call they proposed the drafting of a mystical magical resolution, that will grant, "rare and valuable art form and national treasure" status to magic.

It's not as if people did not already consider it an art form in the US, still the magic wand had to be officially waved to protect intellectual property. Because they can, all on our tax dollars. Meanwhile we pay Sessions' $174K annual salary to focus on Hogue's hobby, when in reality the House should be focusing on the country's purse strings right now.

Consider this, you have the ear of one of the top five most powerful politicians in DC, and passing this feat of legislature is your focus? What a waste of prime user ability.

Oh sure, HR 642 is some riveting stuff, considering all the other shit our mayor and congressman could be focusing on. But no, the way Hogue looks to get his personal crap done is through his new fast friend.

A year they worked on this resolution, despite the fact the Society of Magicians couldn't get it done in over 40 years. Oh, but Sessions has been particularly motivated to focus on his once ignored Wylie over the past year, considering he picked up an opponent and all. Also considering the only blogger in the US pointing out his voting record, and the fact that he and his wife do not even live in Texas, happens to also live in Wylie. Um well, then there's that.

A whole year of our mayor's time that should have been focused on Wylie, instead was used promoting his personal hobby. But hey, when you're in office too long it's proof you'll do just about anything to promote your flights of fancy, including dancing with the devil.

It didn't escape the notice of Wylie's grassroots conservatives, that Pete Sessions was able to buy votes down at Wylie City Hall, from some very surly, and fickle characters who once supported Katrina Pierson's bid against Sessions. It's amazing how a little money applied to the problem can fix things.

I mean seriously, if you could provide support to an opponent one season, then turn around and ignore all the facts published about Sessions' voting record the next, running back in search of attention out of the white-haired charlatan in DC, you must be desperate. Or clearly in office too long, which is how things seem to be shaping up for both of them lately.

So if this great feat passes, because our House obviously has nothing better to do than to consider whether magic is an art form or not, I can only hope that the joint magic trick planned between Hogue and Copperfield during a panel discussion at the Congressional Visitors Center, is to make Pete Sessions permanently go away in a puff of smoke. Poof.