Diary of an Angry White Mob

Photo credit gettyimages Mark Wallheiser http://www.gettyimages.com/galleries/photographers/mark_wallheiser
Is it me, or has anyone else noticed that all of Trump's supporters are angry white people? From the nasty vet who verbally accosted me over his signs at the polls when I offered to help, to the pissed off voters who stormed into the polls all purse-lipped and persnickety, to the array of white folks who attend the massive rallies around the country.

In fact, as cold as it sounds, the only black person of  notice has been Trump's well paid spox Katrina Pierson sitting in the front row at all his debates and rallies. That is, until Trump announced in last night's debate that he offered an education position to Dr. Ben Carson, essentially as payment for his endorsement. Carson is now his other token black.
I almost pissed myself laughing when I heard Carson exclaim that he is supporting Trump because he has,"a more cerebral side." Nobody running for president is more cerebral than Senator Ted Cruz. That man is brilliant.

It's amazing what people will do when money is tossed their way. It helps provide them a sense of amnesia against all the caustic statements uttered by Trump. It also helps them divorce themselves from previously held conservative principles. Then again, I'll probably be accused of, "pulling the race card" for pointing out the whiteness factor.

Don't believe me? Below is a screenshot from Google images of Trump rallies. Just look at the sea of white.

The images are disturbing and so is the odd behavior of Trump's supporters. Look at what took place at the North Carolina rally when this white man sucker punched a black man, and liked it.

I don't care what the black man was saying, there is no excuse for this behavior. We all have to share this earth.

I don't know how much plainer it could be to anyone watching the CNN debate last night, that Trump proved himself to be utterly clueless regarding Common Core, ISIS, Cuba, Israel, and all foreign affairs.

Still, that little factoid is ignored because white people are miffed at the wave if immigrants as well as the Black Lives Matter hate group propelled by Obama's racist rhetoric. Trump is simply tapping into that as the spray-tanned, badly combed over, insanely rich, white leader. Trump is further dividing our country, and frankly he doesn't care. Trump wants to make Trump great again and his paid crew are barnacling along for the ride.

Trump's divisive platform is no different than Obama's has been, it's just a different color.