Dumpy Trump and His Painted Caricature Side Show Freaks

Photo credit: https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2016/03/11/gettyimages-514434372-aeec65a7970254b5910a38f3d9a8ed7eef302530.jpg?s=6
The Trump vultures come out to protect their beloved, but lets just put this issue to bed once and for all. Really.

There is no debunking of Michelle Field's claim going on in this video. If anything, frame by frame it gives a much clearer picture of the strength of Corey Lewandowski's hand gripping her arm. 

I watched this video over and over again and Fields' forward momentum was abruptly stopped. If you watch the top of her head, she sinks down at least 2 inches as he grabs her arm and pulls her down and then back. 

Personally I have had my arm pulled like that by a man, just like he did to her. With the abrupt stop of my forward motion, and with the gripping strength pulling my arm down and back, it hurt. Nobody should have to get hurt or feel pain regardless of how much we don't like that person. 

I stepped through the video frame by frame. Lewandowski did not put out a straight arm as a shield into which Fields walked. He did that with other people and he certainly could have done that with her. Rather, he grabbed her arm and physically removed her momentum. Yikes.

From the position of Fields' hand at the beginning of the video, it appeared she was gently reaching out to touch Trump's arm to see if he would talk to her, and in fact in other videos he was turned toward her seemingly already engaged. Her thumb is in the open position so she is not grabbing his arm. It's not clear if she actually touched him or not.

We can see Lewandowski reached out to into Fields' personal space and clutch her arm. It wasn't another reporter as has been claimed by the Trump freak show.

For a split second when he grabbed her and his body is fully covering her in the video, we cannot tell whether she nearly lost her footing or not. Still, his hand was on her arm with enough strength to not allow her to topple or swing around, which might have happened if he had pushed her or tried to stop her with an open hand. 

Still, Fields did not remain in an upright position and that is evident by the downward slight crumpling motion of her body as Lewandowski grabbed her. With his fingers around her arm, with who knows what varying degree of pressure he used in his fingers and grip, he was touching her person. 

Fields did not appear to wince, but we cannot guess as to her level of pain tolerance. To have that happen so abruptly would certainly have shocked and spooked me as well, leaving little time for reaction. Her feelings are justified, even if she conflated them. 

As a woman, I find the grabbing of her arm in that manner to be aggressive and offensive. Considering the shock of being the only person in the room to be grabbed, she held the decorum required of a journalist.

Except Trump and his people believe that because she's a young, attractive, bright and aggressive reporter, she should just suck it up. She's just crying wolf. Oh, I see, so it is OK if we do that to their mothers or grandmas then? Talk about your double standard. 

Yet the Trump vultures claim nothing happened in their usual Teflon manner. They claim it must have been someone else. They insult our intelligence by pretending people would not be shocked to have their arm grabbed like that. Don't insult our intelligence by pretending that it was someone other than Lewandowski who grabbed Fields. The blue shirt collar color is quite distinctive. 

Breitbart News should have stood by their reporter. Now they've lost other employees, including the absolute brilliance of Ben Shapiro. I cannot blame them. When your employer won't stand by you, who wants to work for that? 

Trump is not a conservative. He is not a tea party candidate. He is a thug who says and does what he wants without consequence. Evidenced by the way he told people to beat up protesters at his event and he would pay their legal fees. 

It's not surprising Trump hires thugs to protect him physically or verbally as we see out of his campaign manager and his national spokesperson. Is it any surprise they want to pretend it's someone else's fault and claim Fields doesn't have a right to complain?  Even the dumpy Trump came out to belly flop on Fields' claims despite much video evidence.

Don't we have more important things to be worrying about than Trump's perpetual three ring circus with the freakishly painted, plastic caricature side shows that surround him? The stupidity is causing us to take our focus off the real issues. 

Just my conflated three cents.