Fire and Ice Day in Wylie

Not only was the western half of Texas on fire most of the day due to high winds and super dry air, but wouldn't you know a line of nasty storms formed on the other side of DFW and tore through, dropping ridiculous amount of hail, and damaging properties in its path?

Here's a little bit of my fun for the evening. As far as I can tell in the dark, our damage isn't anywhere near the sort I've heard about in the area. I'll know better when the sun comes up. Sorry about the video quality, I was trying to record through the screened storm door, but you get the idea of the intensity.

A friend posted this photo of damage to the local 24-hour Walmart which had to close.

Photo credit; R. Wright
Suffice to say, I made a midnight call to the insurance company to get my claim in early because tomorrow morning the lines will be jammed.