Newbie, Clueless Panic Voters Keep Sessions

The results are slowly coming in and it appears that Pete Sessions has kept his cushy job, thanks to massive amounts of newbie panic voters who came to the polls to vote for their presidential candidate, but were clueless on the down ballot.

What good is it if you pick  your way through police blockades and lack of parking spaces just to select names on the down ballot that you recognize, without any clue as to who the others are. That's what throngs of stupid people did, who walked up to the polls claiming they had never heard of any of the other candidates, and punched buttons for names they heard of. Stupid, stupid people. Really, don't hurt yourselves thinking.

Had we really contemplated the totality of this election thoroughly, we should have known that vacant minded voters would be panic punching the ballots. To help ward them off, we could have blanketed the entire list of registered voters with campaign fliers so they might at least know who or what they were voting for.

But who has that kind of money? When it costs roughly $23K to do one mailing to those who actually voted in the last CD32 primary, you can probably imagine how much it would cost to mail the whole shebang.

Still, if you are going to show up and vote for a presidential nominee based on principle, why wouldn't you vote principle the whole ballot down? They didn't. The further down the ballot you go, those 116K total votes in Collin County dwindled to a fifth of those numbers. These dummies voted for the presidential race on their ballots, selected names they knew in the congressional races, and no voted the rest of the way down. Smart.

No votes are what saved the down ballot from total disruption. The 'real' savvy voters were able to vote in the candidates that were highly endorsed by conservative groups. The congressional races, not so much. All three usual congressional suspects got to keep their seats, including that petrified Sam Johnson.

In what was an amazing muscle flexing election in Texas, clueless voters made their way to the polls, double parking, parking on the grass, and parking over campaign signs in order to voice their presidential choice against the establishment. And in the process, Sessions was handed his seat by people voting in a name they heard before, but didn't have a clue about his establishment voting record. Pure dumb luck.

In Collin County for instance, two years ago when Katrina Pierson ran, there were 1,265 votes counted. This time there were 5,026 counted. Russ Ramsland got more than twice the votes Pierson received two years ago. And these numbers are extrapolated in Dallas County thanks to the higher percentage of voters who turned out. The fact is, campaign volunteers reached a massive number of voters over two years ago. That's huge.

Why am I still optimistic? Because that means that two years from now, with the right candidate, and a lack of panic voting, Pete Sessions will be gone.

For his part, Sessions can switch things up and try voting on behalf of his conservative constituents. Doubtful. He can swap his homestead from his Florida home to his Texas home and risk getting caught for not living there. He can have his wife register to vote in Texas and just have staff pick up the mail. He can even move himself, his wife and her children to Texas. Drastic, considering she hates this state.

Yet none of that will matter, because his record is out there, and regular savvy voters who do show up to vote regularly, will still have a clue in two years.

Two years from now, we will have even more crappy voting record to show voters, because Sessions cannot help himself from his greedy votes in concert with the GOP leadership. Two years from now, he could be living in Texas or even on Mars instead of Florida, and the routine voters will still hate him. Two years from now, there will not be a massive stream of unreachable voters who come in glassy-eyed to pick Trump or Cruz along with any name they recognize.

Two years from now we will finally rid ourselves of that man. That is, if Libertarian Ed Rankin doesn't take him out in November. Well then there's that.

Pete Sessions, we aren't through with you yet this year. Pinkie promise.