Pete Sessions, Meet Ed Rankin

After Pete Sessions squeaked by on the backs of clueless panic voters last night, we have one more shot at him this year. Though the GOP may be down and out, the Libertarians are not. This November, Sessions will once again be on the chopping block and there is no Democrat to run against him. It will be GOP vs. Libertarian.

Meet Ed Rankin, our new poster boy.

Libertarian Rankin now has a seasoned, ready-made, well-oiled campaign machine that I suspect will solidify behind him for a run against Sessions in the general election this November.

We will only be limited by the number of crazed, vacant voters who show up to vote their presidential candidate in office.

To be honest, I am not expecting the massive numbers to repeat in November because I think that great bravado is all they really had in them. By November, they will be completely demoralized again knowing a Trump nomination cannot beat Hillary and as history repeats itself, they will stay home like they did for McCain and Romney.

Then again, people may have it in them one more time to vote in droves in another epic election.

Still, with the converging of Roughneen, Brown and Ramsland volunteers covering all of the polls, we may just be able to get it done.

Pete Sessions, you're on notice.