Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson

What do you do when you are snubbed by Ted Cruz? Evidently, you go work for the anti-Cruz and attempt to ruin him and his wife.

Katrina Pierson has proven she will stop at nothing to get herself into the spotlight. Where once I thought she was a smart, sassy woman who had pulled herself up by her bootstraps, I now pity the bizarre, plastic caricature she has become. This is not the Katrina Pierson I knew.

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This reveal should put a little perspective on the woman behind the National Enquirer alleged affair between Pierson and Cruz, and the bean spilling Pierson took part in this weekend over Heidi Cruz.

Though much ado has been made about the affair rumor being cooked up by Marco Rubio's folks, I would suggest a closer look at Trumps personal bulldog instead.

Pierson spent her time as a volunteer on Cruz's Senate campaign, attempting to make herself look far more important to him than she actually was. She played the part well, making sure someone took photos of her the handful of times she ever met him. It's what shallow people do just so they can appear important.

The more I got to know Pierson, the more I saw her vindictive side. This whole nonsense about Cruz, affairs and dirt on Heidi Cruz all stem from the little snotty chick who has temper tantrums and holds massive grudges.

Ask yourself, exactly what is Pierson's motivation for slamming Cruz and the Mrs., when only a few short months ago she was singing her praises as,"The Next First Lady!"

If you can do that, and turn around and bash her, you either have multiple personality disorder, or you have sinister motives. So which is it?

For those people holding on to what teeny shred might be left of the old Pierson, you are wasting your time and energy. She holds no loyalty to anyone. Pierson is about Pierson. Just ask those who were once close to her and will no longer have anything to do with her.

Where once Pierson called me "friend" she quickly removed me when she found out I no longer appreciated her anti-conservative and un-Christian-like behavior.

The Pierson I first met was kind, thoughtful and a little mousy. She seemed to share many of the same conservative principles I did.

Katrina Pierson at my house with a few grassroots conservatives.

One of my first glimpses of Pierson's temperament was backstage at a Senate candidate forum we co-sponsored. It was at this very forum that we all fell in love with Ted Cruz for Senate.

A woman who was supposed to coordinate all the volunteers didn't show up on time. People needed to be seated and candidates needed to be escorted backstage. I took over and coordinated the volunteers, then ran backstage to see where Pierson wanted the candidates because they were wandering around, unsure where to go. Pierson whined, "Oh, everything is going to get all fucked up." I told her not to worry and that I would take care of everything.

I was a bit taken aback. This senate debate was her baby and she didn't even bother herself to go make sure things were handled. I was also taken aback because this woman who was supposed to have it all together, just wanted to be the princess who could walk out on stage to introduce everyone, and smile at all the applause and adoration.


Why am I spilling the beans on Pierson? Because I want to rid myself of the part I played in creating that dog.

Katrina Pierson at Congressional Campaign Kickoff Meeting
That dog is a woman who sidled up alongside Ted Cruz during his campaign, hoping she would be tossed a bone. Pierson mistakenly thought Cruz would reward her volunteerism by endorsing her congressional campaign, but that bone never materialized.

She admitted to me on two separate occasions that she was very angry about Cruz's lack of help or endorsement after she nearly went broke working on his campaign. She told me she had donated her life savings. Never mind the fact that her shoplifting arrest and rumors of a supposed affair with a married man came out during her campaign. I guess when you have no real value system in place, you have no social gauge that reads, "Gee, people don't trust me."

After Cruz was elected to the Senate, Pierson had to reinvent herself in order to keep her face in front of the cameras.

Even before she decided to run for Congress, I recall coming home from a Pete Sessions town hall and complaining to my husband about her. It was raining outside and the princess in high heels stood in the entry hallway of Sachse High School. She handed me the keys to her white Mercedes and asked me to get a box of fliers out of her trunk.

Me taking a photo of two Wylie City Councilmen at Pete Sessions' Town Hall in Sachse
There I went trudging out in the rain, as if my hair and heels were somehow less important than hers. I was pissed. I dropped the box at her feet and walked off, refusing to sit with her during the meeting, though she texted me asking where I was. I came home and told my husband all about the Prima Donna, and he just shook his head. He knew where she was headed, but he also knew me well enough to know I had to figure it out for myself.

When Pierson ran for Congress against Pete Sessions, they did us all a favor. They shared some of the dirt they found on her, though not all I'm told.

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Pierson has turned out to be quite the catch for Donald Trump's campaign. They completely deserve each other. But let this be a warning about the type of people Trump surrounds himself with.

I suppose I should never have accepted the first lie of Pierson's campaign to begin with. I will always remember that July 2013 day, when the seven of us gathered around her at Firewheel Coffee. Before the campaign coordinators finished our business with her, I asked her if there was anything in her past that we should know about. She told us no. There are seven witnesses to Pierson lying to us.

Katrina Pierson mugshot
I thought that when the dirt came out about Pierson's arrest and alleged affair, that she was embarrassed and that was why she didn't want us to know about it. We all make mistakes, yet knowing that bit of information up front would have changed the face of her campaign coordinators, and she knew it. Even after the dirt came out, the slow divide between her and the area coordinators began. As far as I know, there remains only one or two loyal to her. The rest of us want nothing more to do with her.

Booth I sponsored for Katrina Pierson at Sachse Fall Fest
There I was, promoting Pierson during her campaign against Sessions. Trying to get my Wylie peeps to get pictures with her highness. After her campaign was over, there was a particular friend who could never make it out to see her, and I asked Pierson if she would come out and take a picture with the woman. After all, this lady walked the neighborhoods, placed large signs on her property, and stood at the polls throughout the election, the very least Katrina could do was drive the 20 minutes from Garland. But no. That was our thanks. We were of no more use to her.

I recall telling my husband just how hacked off I was that she lied to us, when the dirt on Pierson came out. He shook his head once more. Still, what were those alternatives again? I had given my word that I would work on Pierson's campaign and I completed the task as promised. I sure wasn't going to work on Sessions' campaign. He needs to go.

When she lost her bid for Congress, she began working her way onto the pundit circuit. With stints on Neil Cavuto, all Pierson had to do was wait and strike at the right moment. It would be a matter of time before she would worm her way onto Megyn Kelly's show.

It wasn't very long after, when she ran into Trump at a political event in the Carolina's, telling him she would be happy to work on his campaign if he decided to run for president. It came as no surprise that shortly afterwards she was tweeting photos of herself in Ivanka Trump's dresses and showing that Rand Paul's wife wore it too.

As it became evident that Trump would run for president, Pierson stepped up her unsolicited support of him on the talk shows. She knew that she would capture his attention one way or another.

When Pierson was finally successful in worming her way onto Trump's campaign, she sent me a text to meet up, in what appeared as an attempt to bring me to the counter. It felt like a "come into the fold or look away" meeting, as she sat there all plastic and Barbie-like.

She rolled her eyes, took deep breaths, and and touched her hair as a grand gesture, all movie-staresque. I thought to myself, "Are you freaking for real? This is me you are talking to. I know the real you."

She mistook my desire to do good for the whole grassroots as undying support for whatever it is she felt like doing and saying. She was wrong.

I did look the other way for a while because not all of us will agree on every topic, and we don't have to. But when news came out about her bashing conservatives, I absolutely had enough. Her fans claimed the tweets were lies, but I knew better.

Evidently Pierson isn't quite the conservative she pretended to be. When I searched her tweets, they were quite telling and I could no longer play happy warrior. When her support of Trump, her behavior and her lies turned just plain bizarre, I permanently wrote her off.

Pierson on the campaign trail in Wylie
I wasn't surprised at the outlandish National Enquirer accusations about Cruz and some alleged affairs. For God sake, Pierson knew how to dress up for a campaign meet and greet at a farm in Wylie, so she should have known better than to trounce around in her teeny, yellow tank top when working on his campaign. This was a senatorial campaign she was working on, didn't she know enough to dress a little more professionally around her candidate? Evidently not.

The affair stories are ridiculous. Though I don't care for Pierson's new politics, and I don't care to be lied to by her, I do not believe she had an affair with Cruz because he is too principled for that. I do believe this story was cooked up by the Trump camp as more sour grapes.

As part of Pierson's bean spilling today, she claims Cruz is really an establishment type thanks to his wife's past dealings, yet when playing the media whore on her climb into the spotlight, she sullied herself with exactly the same type.

Pierson's true quality of character shines through and how she can post a photo of Heidi Cruz claiming she is the next First Lady, and then turn around and spill the beans is unconscionable. It wreaks of vindictive woman, trying to get back at Cruz for not supporting her in the past.

As far as my credibility, I believe that I reasonably established my past friendship with Pierson, and that makes me a credible source. I do not get paid to be a blogger, nor do I have any political aspirations. I hold down a full-time job as an operations manager for a network cybersecurity company, I attend school full-time working toward a Master's, and I blog in what little free time I have left.

Why did I write this? Because Pierson clearly has an ax to grind against Cruz, and she needs to be called out for her motives in working for Trump's campaign.

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