Texas Values Trump NYC Values

When I pressed the publish button on my Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson post, I never thought my phone, Facebook and email would blow up. To say I am overwhelmed at the moment, is a gross understatement.

Though I have received a lot of hatred from the usual rabid Trump suspects, I have received far more support from people who are nauseated over the smear campaign against Cruz and his family.

But what's next? Will it be Cruz's daughters? Will Katrina Pierson come out next and claim child or sexual abuse or some other disgusting accusation?  If you can go after the mother, you certainly lack the decency to leave the girls alone.

Trump and his little mouthpiece strumpet seem to have no trouble making allegations without any compunction whatsoever as to who it harms. It's insane. No, actually it's sick.

But my story? Turns out, Trump fans really don't have a good comeback. I do believe that if I had background music playing at this very moment it would probably be the Bennie Hill  theme song.

Despite requests for interviews, lots of kudos, and friend requests, I'm just not all that into it. I relieved myself of the burden because Pierson needs to be held accountable for the things she is saying.

Frankly, I think Pierson is out of control, but she is right there along with an out of control Trump, who hurls epithets and accusations like it's popcorn being tossed at the theater. Remember doing that when you were young?

You didn't give a flip about anyone else, you just thought it was funny, and you were having a great time doing it. That is until your friend's mother happened to be there, and then she informed your mother and you got a whopping when you got home.

This, my friends, was a whooping.

To think I used to feel like a mother figure to Pierson. I protected her while on the campaign trail in my territory. I made sure she never walked to her car alone. I made sure she drove off before I left the parking lot.  I hugged her like my own daughter. So to see twisted stories and half-truths come out of her mouth while stumping for Trump, it's quite frankly insulting.

Just look to GrabGate where Pierson indicated it must have been another reporter. Meanwhile a video tells quite another story. Pierson purposely cast suspicion on the other reporter that was near Fields in the photo, and his credibility was at stake thanks to her.

Still, Trump and Pierson seem to find great pleasure in bullying people. Like taunting the Cruz family with threats of spilling beans on the Mrs. That's just plain sadistic.

Someone needs to say it. Someone needs to point out that the people Pierson has no trouble bashing, all have real lives. Like the women accused of having affairs with Cruz, where she so easily cast doubt on while attempting to clear herself.

These are not just crash-test dummies. These are real people, with real lives she is ruining with every silvery twist of her tongue.

Turns out Trump's fans really don't have much they can say about my story, especially because I have no motive. What exactly am I getting out of writing it? Nothing.

I don't know why anyone would drink the NYC Kool-Aid, but this I do know, the only thing tougher than NYC values, are Texas values adopted by a Detroit native.