The Big Phony Baloney

After a little more investigating, I discovered that Katrina Pierson's claim to have cleaned out her life savings for Ted Cruz's Senate campaign is a tad overstated. I located her contribution, it wasn't hard.

Underwhelming to be sure, considering Pierson told me this story toward the end of her campaign for Congress when we chatted at one of our coordinator meetings. She was angry that Cruz did not endorse her and she complained that other PACs lied to her about money and endorsements.

After I shared my Spilling the Beans on Katrina Pierson article with my mail list, someone responded, claiming to be close to Pierson and to have insider information from her 2014 campaign against Pete Sessions. Well that is interesting considering she wasn't at any of the coordinator meetings or any of the other events. Seriously, where do these people come from?

This woman proceeded to warn me off spreading my opinion of why Pierson is stumping for Donald Trump. Her reasoning? She claims that Pierson would have won her election had she not been "betrayed" by Heritage Action, FreedomWorks and Ted Cruz who allegedly promised endorsements and "big money" which would have surely pushed her over the top with Sessions. Really?

There is no evidence that she would have won her campaign had she received donations from those entities. She had a long way to go in Dallas County to reach Sessions in the end. And as for claims that FreedomWorks and Heritage Action promised big money and endorsements that did not materialize, it is not possible at this point to know what to believe. Especially since Heritage Action makes neither endorsements nor donations to campaigns, and FreedomWorks did not form a PAC until 2015. Below are the PACs that did contribute to Pierson's campaign.

However, when the news of Pierson's arrest with her baby in tow was released by Team Sessions', would you anticipate in your wildest imaginings that FreedomWorks, Heritage Action, or even Ted Cruz would sully their good names to endorse her?

If anyone is wondering why Pierson was passed over by these three entities, it shouldn't be difficult to figure out.

The more I dig into what went on during Pierson's 2014 congressional campaign, the more I see her for the big phony baloney she was.