The Texas Shrew

Katrina Pierson
Katrina Pierson's snotty attitude used to be kind of cute when it was just a lil' Texas gal being interviewed about local politics. But as a supposed national spokesperson? It reads puckishly shrill and shows a level of immaturity, as well as a total lack of control over emotions. This is not a communications professional, it's a poser with a BA in Biology, who left stiletto marks on her pals backs on her way up.

The fact that Pierson is lying should also be of some significance here. You can always tell she is selling something rotten in Denmark when the ghetto comes out. "Thee...whatever, thee...whatever, and thee...whatever" The rolling eyes and head bob give it all away, though she has taken great pains to control that "sista" side of her since she became Trump's media shrew. 

The PAC Pierson references is an anti-Trump Super PAC, but she maintains Cruz has some sinister control over their activities. I guess if you repeat "lyin" over and over again like her boss does, you hope it won't bounce back and stick on you.

This is about par behavior from someone who holds a massive grudge against Cruz because he would not endorse her congressional race in 2014. He did call her "courageous" and she ran with that, hoping nobody would notice the gaping hole his lack of endorsement left on her push cards.To say she was pissed about his snub is an understatement. I know, I was there behind the scenes working on her campaign, and it came up in our private discussions - twice. 

Pierson was twice snubbed by Cruz when his presidential campaign refused to hire her to work for him. Word is, they didn't want her, not even as a volunteer. Then again, after we have witnessed her performance for Trump, guess we can see the Cruz Crew were a good judge of character.

Pierson has lost a ton of support here at home. No matter. It is clear she doesn't intend to come back and sully herself with the likes of her campaign worker bees. She's on to much more important things, like money, and playing Megyn Kelly wannabe.

Guess Pierson thought putting what she called her, "life savings" into Cruz's campaign would somehow make Cruz beholden to her, and willing to overlook the dirt Pete Sessions' crew dug up on her, such as her shoplifting arrest while she had her baby in tow, and alleged the on-the-job affair with a married man she claims never happened. Nope, Ted is principled. Then again, if you are the kind of woman who hides these details from your campaign team, even when they ask point blank if there is anything in your past that we need to know about, you will go to great lengths to lie about, well, anything.

Astoundingly, Pierson gives justification for Trump's threat on Heidi Cruz:

As if justifying threatening tweets with one's roaring womanhood isn't enough, what I find worse is that Pierson waves off a vile retweet Trump made about Heidi Cruz:

Nope, Pierson doesn't represent roaring womanhood. She doesn't even represent caped girl power. Not even close. After that screamer performance, she reads as plain old bratty pre-pubescent.

I used to call Pierson a friend, now I agree with Team Sessions who wrote two years ago to warn me she was a charlatan. You know, I'm willing to look the other way for stupid things we do when we are younger. I am even willing to play happy warrior when I don't agree with someone but believe they are working for the greater good of grassroots conservatives, but I will not bend my principles for stupid things said under the guise of conservative values. It sullies the very notion.

Guess I'm off Pierson's Facebook Friend's List. Big whoop.