We Should Be Making People Great Again

Photo credit: http://www.letsgetwordy.com/images/daily-def/LGW_DD_03-23-2013_vernacular.png
What is it with people whining on the social networks that others are bashing their beloved Donald Trump? Gee, try not posting your pro-Trump memes and articles on pages that say "tea party" or "conservative" on them. Ya think?

I cannot imagine why I need to point this out, but Trump is neither a tea party nor a conservative candidate. He is a mouthpiece for re-germination of the populist movement. He is the leader of a group of ordinary people who are demanding their leader not hold them to a higher standard.

Hence Trump speaks in the vernacular. They clearly don't expect the leader of the greatest nation on earth to verbally outclass them. It's OK that Trump is woefully ordinary at speaking, cussing and logic. It's OK that he never says anything brilliant. Insults and snarkiness are acceptable because that's what they all do on TV and in the movies, isn't it? Don't the ordinary people speak in plain, dumbed down terms? We've certainly dumbed down since Shakespeare's time.

The talk emanating from Trump isn't about making Americans great again, it's about making America great. Ordinary people will remain just that, painfully ordinary under a Trump administration.

Trump's rhetoric isn't focused on reducing corporate tax rates, it's focused on putting the leaders of other nations in their place for stealing our jobs and money. The rhetoric isn't focused on enforcing our immigration laws, stopping sanctuary city funding, and ending the flow of freebies, it's on shipping 11 million people outta here. The rhetoric isn't on protecting national sovereignty, it's about forcing Mexico to build that wall that keeps getting higher every time The Trump feels insulted. Notice the slight nuances?

There is no exceptionalism building verbiage coming from Trump. Just an, "I'm going to rid us of all the parasites sucking up the freebies and I'm going to put those bad countries who stole all our jobs to shame, and somehow Obama's people on the dole will be miraculously motivated to go get jobs again," Everything will be great again. Believe him.

Conservatives want a president who speaks brilliantly and can lead the nation. We hold our leader to a higher level than we hold ourselves. Conservatives want people to prosper. They want companies that are not oppressed by taxes and mandates to prosper. They want people to be able to freely express their religious convictions so they can spiritually prosper. They want the constitution adhered to so people can prosper. They want a government that gets out of the people's way so they can prosper. With prosperity, the people will be great again. See the difference?

Nothing great is going to come out of Trump's plans. Does nobody see this? You cannot ship back millions of people without harming the economy. You cannot force warm relations with what are supposed to be your allies, by insulting them. You cannot make America great again without motivating the people to be great again.