Make Your Vote Right With God

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I will be voting for my candidate, even if I have to write him in and I will be right with God and able to look at myself in the mirror with a clean conscience. 

I will not vote for someone who is pro-choice. Everything else - GMO nonsense, birther nonsense, building walls nonsense, and socialist nonsense is just that. And on my scale of what I will and will not accept in making my life right with God, that other stuff trivializes why we call ourselves Christians. 

I would like to consider my vote more important than one that can be bought or bullied out of me as people try to guilt me into thinking that one candidate may win over another. If that happens, they will have to make themselves right with their God, but I will be able to sleep at night and look myself in the mirror in the morning. 

Some serious food for thought as you decide about the presidential election.