She Was the Tea Party

The tea party was formed upon five core principles.
  1. Limited Government
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
  3. Personal Responsibility
  4. The Rule of Law
  5. National Sovereignty
Now reflect upon all you have heard Katrina Pierson say since she became Donald Trump's national spokesperson last November, including backing him up for eminent domain, and his flip flops on the war in Afghanistan, abortion, and the Obamacare mandate. All are in direct conflict with those five core principles.

Consider how Pierson dismisses his hateful statements about women including retweeting a disparaging and unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz. Pierson claimed Trump is not disparaging Heidi but turned around and did it herself by "spilling the beans".

What about Trump's insulting, "Look at that face!" statement when referring to Carly Fiorina? And we should also not forget about Trump's sexist and disparaging remarks about Megyn Kelly bleeding from whatever.

Consider all that has been said by Pierson as she backs up the anti-conservative, anti-tea party candidate. Then  imagine Pierson's cameo in an "I am the Tea Party" video.