You Just Can't Make the Katrina Pierson Stuff Up

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I'm just imagining, with a little bit of poetic justice under my breath, the final piece of  my discussion with Katrina Pierson, when she called me to get me on her side as Donald Trump's National Spokesperson.

Pierson informed me of how she made a reality television show last summer to be aired on WE TV. Well hey, she had to make money somehow, considering she didn't really want to work like we mere mortals.

Here it is, folks.

With all the Trump aspersions cast, and spun by the Trump spinster herself, Pierson just had a clown nose handed to her by a Democrat. If you are all that into watching Pierson make an utter fool of herself, you can catch her on Sisters in Law which premiered March 24th on WE TV.

You just can't make this stuff up.