Digging Out

My apologies for being too busy to write lately. With the epic hail storm, we've spent weeks cleaning up the glass, rubbish and broken items.

Digging out from all the hail storm damage has taken its toll and the stress from having the house torn apart has been simply too much.

Couple that with a week long steady stream of anticipated damaging storms, high winds and large hail, and the social media posts were enough to make you want to cry. Obviously many people in Wylie are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, including myself.

How can you not, though? The stress is literally zapping my energy and my creativity.

The extended family had 5 cars between us totaled by our insurance companies. It's what they did, even with brand new cars because it was cheaper for them.

My husband's car was towed away to be stripped and crushed. I know he would have driven it for years that way, but with the moon roof blown along with water damage inside, a headlight and both back lights blown, the $4K+ to make it drivable simply wasn't worth it.

With more severe storms the past week, many of my friends cleaned out their garages after years of neglect, just so they could get their cars in. But what do you do when you have more cars than garage?

Many resorted to parking under any cover they could locate. We took our rent car to a parking garage twice in the past week.

Photo credit Virdie Montgomery

Photo credit Virdie Montgomery

Many even resorted to wrapping their cars like we did. to my mother-in-law's car.

Photo credit: Sheerah Nooner
We have tens of thousands in insurance claims and these storms are totally working my last nerve.

There are still no windows because glass is in short supply. I'm anxious to get new windows, which our insurance covered because the tracks are bent up on all six windows. The lack of windows and outer panes broken out both upstairs and downstairs, make the house extremely humid which has my fro acting up. In fact, it's so humid it's not even worth doing my hair because the curls just fuzz out, so I've taken to braiding it.

I honestly never gave it a thought as to just how much having windows rather than boards can keep the weather out of the house. Everything evokes feelings, and they aren't the warm and fuzzy kind.

The air conditioner has to work extra hard because I'm keeping it cooler to try to control the humidity. But the  A/C is so beat up from the hail, that it has to be replaced as well, including the box inside.

Since 2/3 of our siding is shredded, we decided we are going to pay to have the whole house re-sided. I know many people are going with HardiePlank lap siding because it is difficult to find vinyl contractors in the DFW area, but I can't stand that stuff, so I'm insisting on vinyl to replace what was there.

We did get a new roof and upgraded to the radiant barrier. I've already noticed a difference in the temperature in rooms that were normally quite warm. Still, the banging from our roof and the neighbor's roofs is nearly too much to handle day after day, especially when you work from your home office. You just can't get away from it every day, several roofs going at a time, all day long.

I anticipate the fence being replaced next. You know, it is amazing how karma can also work in your favor. Our friends on the other side of town needed to secure their fence, so we gave them our orange temporary fencing, and in one of the storms this past week, our damaged fence finally fell down, and our neighbors, gave us their orange temporary fencing and some posts. Wylie has seen neighbor helping neighbor and it has been truly heartwarming.

I was so excited when I went shopping and found the exact same ottomans that were damaged and tossed out in the trash.  You know, it's the little things.

Despite all my complaints, the elbow grease has made a huge difference in the yard, which is truly my refuge, despite the hanging siding and the boarded windows.

We have even made time for roasting marshmallows.

It truly is the little things....