Watch Your Tax Dollars Magically Disappear

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I've really tried to leave Mayor Eric Hogue alone these past couple of years, because he really is a good guy. Frankly, I like a lot of the things he has done to help promote Wylie as the awesome place to live that it is. However, this latest stunt leaves me with the inability to remain silent, as I shake my head.

Why are we paying to send our mayor and city manager to Washington DC for the vote on House Resolution 642? Oh the publicity is nice for him and all, as he landed his likeness in US News, NBC News, Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post, Business Insider and other news sources.

Sure, it's a great diversion from the sickening daily drudge in the news, with images of Donald Trump pulling faces while Hillary Clinton walks yet another day without an orange pantsuit, but who is paying for all this clownery? We are.

I refute the summation by the US News article How an Ex-Clown Got Magic Bill Introduced in Congress. This isn't ex-anything, this is ass-clownery at it's finest.

During the last Wylie City Council meeting, Hogue requested $1,200 to cover his trip to visit playmate Representative Pete Sessions for the vote on H.R. 642, recognizing magic as an art form. It was also announced that city manager Mindy Manson would be attending as well, with what I can only surmise is an additional $1,200 coming out of her travel budget.

Is this really city business? In a word, no. It's not.

What's next? Will the City of Wylie be publishing these wonderful articles on their official website? To what lengths will this pet project be promoted on our tax dollars? Just how much in salary have we already paid city employees to fuss with this?

I cannot believe I have to point this out here, but this is a fanciful extracurricular activity taking place on our dime and time. This is not official city business. Period.

What makes this any different than former Wylie Mayor John Mondy writing a letter to the court at the behest of his pal on council, asking for leniency in sentencing of a convicted child molester, all on official City of Wylie letterhead? It was personal business, and so is this.

Congratulations Mayor Hogue, for doing the wonderful thing you are doing for the magic industry, but I don't appreciate my tax dollars paying for it.

If council has the ability to fund the mayor's pet project, they had better be giving us a healthy tax decrease. Though the magic and clown fun and games will only take us so far, the fact remains that we are still the highest taxed city in North Texas. Clearly we have some of our own work to do around here, especially if the city has funds for various pet projects. You know, $2,400 is $2,400 and it belongs to the taxpayers.

A good friend of mine always says that when people get into office and are there for too long, they get stupid. I don't know if this is a "stupid" moment or not, but I do know our tax dollars are magically disappearing buck by buck.