SCOTUS Is a Life Sentence

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It is inconceivable that out of 324+ million people in the US, the lesser of two evil potential nominees for president are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and one of them will be appointing justices to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

Consider the SCOTUS stance on basic human health and safety standards at abortion clinics around the country as placing "undue" burden on women, then consider them upholding the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare and the 70K pages of undue burden placed on the American people.

What's good for the goose is certainly not good for the gander when half of the justices shred the US Constitution when it serves them politically. For non-political entities, they sure do sit and wriggle in it.

Still, it is clear that judicial activism is alive and well in the US, which means that everyone who dislikes Trump, including myself, should make very careful consideration before taking the #NeverTrump stance if he becomes our nominee. Perhaps voting for someone who might lean pro-choice but appoints pro-life justices, isn't such a bad stance after all.

People are claiming that Hillary will be made immobile with a Republican Congress, but that is a total fallacy. Who is it that has given Obama nearly everything he wanted over the past three plus years? Our Republican-held House and Senate certainly haven't stopped him, even with a change in power at the top, removing crybaby Boehner for wussy Ryan.  It is a false sense of security to believe that Republicans will not approve a Clinton nomination or two, which would prove utterly disastrous.

Other people are claiming they'll just invoke Article V and call a Convention of States to undo everything that Obama or Hillary does, however they are putting their faith into a never yet used procedure. Article V merely provides false hope and still requires Congress to "call" the convention as well as decide who are selected as delegates.

The problem with invoking this option is that a convention would not serve just conservative amendment ideology, but also loony liberal ideology, as they show up in droves to contribute their own socialist amendments. A Convention of States is not an exclusive event designed solely for conservatives to rid themselves of everything they don't like.

Though Congress can set strict instructions, once convened it is purely on the honor system. Oh, and who resolves questions? The very Congress or Supreme Court for which the Convention is being called to deal with. For this very reason, now deceased Justice Antonin Scalia said that calling a Convention of States would be a terrible idea. Frankly, I'm with him on this one.

As we watch the SCOTUS sway in the liberal gas-bag winds, it is incumbent upon us to make a calculated decision at the polls in November.

Which evil will be the lesser of the two? That answer is fairly clear.  A president is only four to eight, but SCOTUS is a life sentence.

#Brexit: A Case for Second Amendment Rights

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Britain's #Brexit vote should be a reminder to all Americans why we should not allow the government to take our gun rights away.

By now you know that 52% of the UKs voters decided they no longer want to be bound by some invisible group's decisions over their national sovereignty. The EU has told them who they must take into their borders and how many, among other things. For this, they get back £1 for every £2 they put in, while countries like Poland make out as the Robbing Hood of EU bandits try to equalize wealth in the region.

The vote was nearly evenly split, until the more working class areas were tallied and they overthrew the wealthy elite's desire to remain within the EUs constraints. According a friend of mine who lives in England, "We  have given the establishment a bloody nose and they don't like it." He pointed out that in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, those who voted to remain in the EU were from affluent areas. Of course they were, they don't want their apple cart upended. I even heard people make fun of Prime Minister David Cameron for claiming he wasn't a quitter and then bolting first when he didn't get his way. Kind of shows the true quality of his character, doesn't it?

Conservative Americans are proud of them. But all is not golden in the UK.

Talk has turned to not invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon to break up with the EU, and Cameron is purposefully dilly dallying, claiming he will leave that up to the next PM to handle, in all hope that it won't.

Additional talk has turned to petitions signed by 3.5 million so far asking for another vote, presumably so that they can further bully and oppress the poor and working-class people, or simply steal the vote through corruption, taken presumably from a page in the US Democrat's handbook on stealing elections. Still, why would that vote be any more legitimate than the first? Because the wealthy would have won, and they have the power and funds to fight.

More talk by Scotland and Northern Ireland has turned to extrapolating the vote for those who didn't vote through Parliament and overturning the vote. Though that is not possible, since Parliament in Westminster is sovereign. Scotland and Northern Ireland could certainly hold a vote to break up the UK, and to that my British friend said, "I say if you Scots and Irish want to leave us and think you can do better on your own, fair enough and best of luck to you!"

What does all of this have to do with guns?

If the British government decides not to invoke Article 50, or another vote is held to try to overthrow the first, what are the 52% left to do? They allowed their socialist government to place strict gun control laws upon them so how are they to fight back from a rogue government? They cannot.

This is precisely the reason behind our Second Amendment rights in the US. Much of the talk on the Second Amendment among the Founders was about tyrannical leaders and standing armies, well-armed militia that morphed into a select group better armed and trained than the whole body of the people possessing arms. Additionally, none of the Founders liked the idea of a standing army but they understood the need for providing for the common defense.

History played a part in the Second Amendment needs as well. They drew from examples such as the unarmed Huguenots who were driven from their homes to convert to Catholicism, as well as brutalistic British armed forces in the colonies preceding the Revolutionary War.

In fact, the right to bear arms by common man was so important, that out of 103 proposed amendments in the First US Congress, guns remained in the final 12 sent to the states, with only 10 being ratified, including our precious Second Amendment. Not only did the Founders determine that We the People should be allowed to keep and bear arms to protect our homes and property, but that we should protect ourselves from tyranny. It was that important.

For a vote as important as #Brexit to result in tyranny, is a possibility among many. Though it is unlikely thanks to the watchful eye of the globally web-connected world, we are watching an unarmed people's fate lie in the hands of a government that behaves as if they are not beholden to them. While on this side of the pond, our government wishes to remove the guns from our hands, precisely for this very reason.

Magic Not Official City of Wylie Business

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While everyone is hyper-focused on the presidential election and buffoonery surrounding the death march coming in November, your local governments are taking the opportunity to piddle around with your tax dollars while nobody is looking.

In my little city of Wylie,Texas, our mayor approached the council asking for tax dollars to fund a trip to Washington DC, under the guise of promoting magic and Wylie. In reality, his personal pet project was the chief focus of the trip, and our council members agreed to send him, along with the city manager who took money out of her travel fund so she could heel like a yappy Chihuahua taking photos. 

While in DC, the center stage was magic bill HR 642 as our Representative Pete Sessions, famed magician David Copperfield, and Mayor Eric Hogue provided entertainment and interviews for the DC vultures, AKA legislators, senior staff and the media. 

This was not a trip promoting Wylie, this was a personal vacation promoting magic that should have been paid for by the mayor and city manager personally. 

Just uttering the words, "Wylie" and coercing the speaker of the house to exclaim, "I love Wylie" during a photo shoot with the mayor, does not a business trip make. Do you think the IRS would welcome companies and individuals claiming business trip expense just because they uttered their company name to someone?  

What's worse, our city council members approved these funds during their May 10, 2016 council meeting. I don't know who to be mad at more, a derelict council or a media attention seeking mayor. Exactly who benefited from this meeting? Exactly what did we get from this meeting? How will the funds spent promote future government funding in Wylie? I can tell you who benefited from this meeting, and it wasn't the City of Wylie.

From May 10, 2016 minutes

From May 10, 2016 minutes
I cannot even fathom that this trip was presented as official city business, or that a motion was made by David Dahl, seconded by Candy Arrington and approved by Diane Culver, Keith Stephens, Jeff Forrester and Mayor Eric Hogue. Did it escape them that meeting with any Federal or State agency is only business when business is actually conducted? Merely using the word "Wylie" in a sentence does not constitute official city business. But the city can get away with it because the mayor met with his pal Rep. Pete Sessions.
From May 10, 2016 minutes
I suppose the only takeaway here is that our council has been blinded with the words "further recognizing Wylie, Texas and it's Mayor" and a scant handful of activities promoting his personal hobby. Especially a magic "festival" piggy-backed on the popular Boo on Ballard trick-or-treat event. Exactly who can tell just how successful that illustrious "first festival in Texas" was? They pulled every rag out of their sleeve to justify this trip at taxpayer expense. Seriously, is anyone reading these screenshots of the minutes and not shaking their head at how preposterous it all is?

While you have been busy complaining about the two selfish, egotistical, corrupt scumbags running for the White House, your tax dollars are paying for personal vacations as well as staff salaries as they spend countless hours toiling with the promotion of the mayor's personal hobby. Lest we forget that we are one of the highest taxed cities in all of North Texas. As I see it, the only magic that happened, is money magically disappeared from your pocket.

Confessions of a Conservative Target Shopper

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I get it. I totally get why conservatives are boycotting Target, after their decision to essentially let anyone who claims they identify as one sex or the other use whatever bathroom they choose. I think it's a crappy policy that doesn't take into consideration the safety of anyone young or old.

Shortly thereafter, in Frisco, Texas a young peeper was caught taking photos of girls in the dressing room. Except my questions is, with all the angst over what amounts to essentially unisex bathrooms, did anyone even notice that Target already had unisex dressing rooms?

I'm not afraid of the trannies, I'm afraid of the pervs and frankly, we're not safe anywhere. I've never been a fan of peeing next to anyone, and why we need rows of open bottom and top stalls or a row of urinals is a mystery. It's just plain gross.

At a Florida Target store (unfortunately it's Target but could have been anywhere) a woman chased a pervert out of the store. The sad part is, Target has welcomed every pervert in town since they opened their bathrooms up to pretty much anyone who feels like going into one or the other. Who is going to stop them?  I don't see Target personnel checking, do you?

That said, I really tried to embrace the whole boycott Target thing, but I'm just not that into it. It's not like it's Starbucks where the CEO told conservatives to stay the hell away, as he takes every opportunity available to serve up a dose of condescending with his ridiculously high dollar cup of chemicals. Their bathrooms have been unisex for years, so where is the boycott outrage there?

But Target? It's a company doling out whatever policy they choose to, and as conservatives, haven't we always stood behind businesses being allowed to make whatever decisions they wish to make? We get awfully mad when Christian bakeries are forced to make wedding cakes for gay couples, but Target makes a decision to welcome transgenders and suddenly we don't like it.

It's not like the CEO told conservatives to take their business somewhere else like Starbucks. It's not as if Target made the decision that they want to purposely place their customers at risk. It's that they made a decision to welcome one group, and did not take into consideration the implications to all groups. In my opinion, they made what I believe is a dangerous decision.

I think Target's bathroom and dressing room policies are terrible and are going to open them up for litigation when someone gets raped or kiddie diddled, but at the end of the day their bathroom policy really is their decision. So shop there if you don't care, or don't shop there if it pisses you off. It's all about choices, and that's what a free nation does.

I can take my business somewhere else if I don't like Target's policy, which is exactly what I did with Starbucks. But I just can't quit Target 100%. Certainly my shopping there has been dramatically reduced by about 90% since they decided not to build private, single user bathrooms for the safety of all their customers, and as a consumer, that's my choice too.

Milking The Tax Cow in Wylie

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An article published in the local newspaper yesterday really got my attention. Mostly, because I've said exactly what they wrote.  I have watched my property valuation dramatically increase while the city tosses us a half cent or full cent decrease in tax rate, as if they are somehow helping us. I'm calling BS on it, and frankly, so is The Wylie News.

I noticed in the past several articles published about taxes, that The Wylie News isn't taking too kindly to the tax rate in Wylie. Though the articles try to remain unbiased, any savvy reader can distinguish the bent.

In this particular article written by Joe Reavis, he addresses how the taxing entity, in this case Wylie, "boast that it left the property tax rate unchanged" but that in reality they are actually allowing an increase of taxes property owners pay, by the very nature that the property value increase. They are not making any adjustments and thus the check we write to the tax collector every year has steadily increased, way above the rates at which household incomes have risen.

Another quote from the article claims, "By leaving tax rates untouched, or lowering them a minimal amount, taxing entities have been stealthily increasing taxes for years."

I've been saying this very thing for several years. Believe me, the city staff know exactly what they are doing. Yet our seemingly miserly city council keep pretending they are providing measured relief in the half penny and penny decrease they toss our way. They threaten that lowering it more than that might mean they have to come back the next year and increase it. Our mayor even went so far a couple years in a row to threaten that they have it within their rights to increase the tax rate to some 92 or 93 cents due to the stupidity of voters back in the early 2000s, who approved that. Bullocks. It's an excuse to keep milking the cash cow and living the high life.

According to Ross Kecseg who runs the Metroplex Bureau for Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, he published a chart that shows exactly how taxes have been creeping up without our knowledge:
"CAUSE: Local city, county, and school officials are NOT lowering tax rates to offset massive appraisal spikes...and 90% of Texans do NOT vote in May's local elections.
EFFECT: Massive property tax increases. Tax levies are rising 2-3 times faster than household income (the cost of local government is consuming more & more of your income)." - Ross Kecseg
Image credit: Texas Comptroller of  Public Accounts
In Wylie, our tax rate sits at 86.89 cents per $100 assessed valuation. We have by far the highest tax rate in Collin County, and from my last check, also in North Texas.

The article does the math for you, "Last year, Wylie brought in $1.168 million more in property taxes on existing property than it did in 2014, despite lowering its tax rate by one cent...." The city is not in the business of making a profit, so they are spending it, folks. Instead of giving us a four cent tax decrease, which these figures would have supported, they tossed us one cent. They spent the rest.

Furthermore, I do not believe that our past council members, and possibly a few current ones, have been financially savvy enough to figure out they have been milking us year over year. However, the bean counting administrators are savvy, which is why their annual PowerPoint presentations neglect to point out these facts during budget season.

Instead, the city manager and finance department paint grim pictures depicting the city on a bond brink, and then act out the cursory wonderment charade, of just how they are going to cover all those pesky expenses every department (conveniently) thought up. Oh no's they simply cannot give the taxpayers their money back. Ever.

Suddenly, the police and fire department heartstrings are pulled, and we are left with the very unsound decision of adding four new PD slots to the budget, when four to five slots have yet to be filled in the past year, which is exactly the kind of crap that took place during the last budget season.

As far as I can tell, there is only one person on council who understands this concept, but they were berated during the budget meetings last year for daring to suggest we did not need to set aside funds for four additional PD slots. Go figure.

This is how the city pilfers the money away from tax payers, increases expenses and hides the balance in the contingency fund, only to pull it out later to spend on other frivolous items. They do it year after year, and Wylie is not alone in the conspiracy to part you from your money.

As I've said for years, the city is on a spending spree, and they either don't want you to recognize it, or those voting on the budget simply don't understand it themselves.

Though the property values are anticipated to increase on average 11% in Wylie, pinkie promise the city will toss us another half cent or full cent decrease this year, and continue to rake in the excess.

Wylie citizens are the cash cow, and they are being milked.

Wylie High Senior Class Prank 2016

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Every now and then you get a really stellar high school graduating class, where you expect greatness from all of them. Unfortunately, this year is not one of them for the Wylie High School Graduating Class of 2016. What started out a week ago as an innocent senior prank of balloons and streamers, turned into straight up vandalism with Silly String, ammonia, cooking oil and the cops.

After all was tallied, they did approximately $1500 worth of damage to the school, and provided countless hours of cleanup for the janitor, principal, superintendent and volunteers.

The mayhem was understandably downplayed by WISD administration so as not to provide the vandals with the satisfaction for their efforts.

The evening started out innocently enough with three of the Top 20 graduating students who went to the school to toss around balloons and streamers in a little lighthearted fun. However, a GroupMe message brought droves of students to the high school later in the evening, for promises of an epic annual senior prank. Reports were made that a student hung out after hours to let the other students in.

According to my sources, approximately 90 students converged on the high school with promises of what would be a great time, scaring the three original girls who then left. After the vandalism was over, what was left was mayhem and mess.

I suppose the students who Silly Stringed the freshly painted walls did not realize it would not come off. The walls had just been repainted thanks to a taxpayer bond approval allowing funds to upgrade most of the campuses this year.

The cooking oil spread over the stairway was extremely dangerous, especially for our superintendent Dr. David Vinson, who slipped and fell according to reports, though thankfully he did not get hurt.

However according to my sources, the ammonia poised over doorways should have been cause for arrests. Imagine students about to graduate that thought dumping ammonia on people's heads and potentially in their eyes, nose, mouth and ears was a good idea.

To top off this great feat of common sense, there are reports that students broke into classrooms and flipped chairs and tables and even put one of the desks in the elevator.

They Saran Wrapped the entire staircase, and there was even a parent caught on surveillance video bringing things to the school to help make the mess.

When the police showed up, approximately 90 students ran for the basement, out the back door to the parking lot and hastily split in their cars according to my sources. This was an astounding 1/4 of the graduating class that participated in this stupidity.

Students were rounded up as they were identified on camera, and for those who wore masks, they were identified as other students called them by name on the tape as it recorded the entire scene.

Those identified on camera as playing a part in the vandalism involving ammonia, Silly String and cooking oil were punished by receiving in-school-suspension this week, and those who do not complete their assigned ISS will not walk at graduation.

To cover the cost of repairs, a student-led fundraising car wash was set up yesterday at the Brookshire's Grocery store right after school until about 7:00 p.m. but there are no reports yet on how much money was raised, since there has been rain in the area. The students involved in this incident were all required to sign up to work two-hour shifts at the fundraiser.

This blog post combines reports from what was published on the principal's Facebook page, and from various other student reports. One can hope that the rather immature class of 2016 can find it in themselves to behave at the graduation ceremony this Saturday.

Though the much loved principal Virdie Montgomery felt he had to clear things up on his Facebook for the lynch mob that ensued, in all I believe it was handled as it should be. In their child-like exuberance, a rather immature graduating class got together to celebrate an annual ritual and as always, there were a few numskulls who pushed the limits beyond what is reasonable. For that, they were punished.

A quick Google search shows all manner of senior pranks gone wrong  across the country and a variety of ways they were handled. I believe Mr. Montgomery handled the difficult situation he was placed in as best he could. Kudos to him for having the respect and adoration of a supportive community.

Perhaps senior classes need to rethink their end of year activities and maybe consider the days of our old tradition - a Senior Skip Day where we hung out at the beach all day. It was a lot more fun for everyone and a lot less messy.

Welcome Plano Senior High Graduating Students To Your First Brutal Lesson in Socialism [Updated]

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[Update: Since there have been a lot of nasty comments from Plano residents who don't like what I have to say about their tradition. And because there are always those people who assume what this article says without even bothering to read it, I am posting this update. I cannot impress enough upon readers just how important it is for student individuality, and to reject the herding of the cattle mentality things like group think create. If the students wish to forgo wearing their regalia, that is a decision they should be allowed to make on their own, each and every one of them. The fact that students even entertain the idea of not wearing their regalia makes me wonder exactly what sort of ideology they have been subjected to over their educational career within PISD. It is unlikely that every student at any high school is altruistic enough to want to forgo wearing the regalia they worked so hard to earn, without some sort of mental massaging, peer pressure or covert bullying. Plano's open intolerance of Christianity and blatant liberal policies are the reason we left Plano ISD in 2001 for the much better district we found in Wylie ISD. It was Plano's curriculum that caused my oldest son to be considerably behind in his reading and math skills prior to our move, and once in Wylie, he excelled. He is now a Sigma Tau National Honor Society student at University of Texas at Dallas. Unfortunately, Wylie has been adopting a few liberal policies lately, and I hope to squelch the practice of asking students to hide their honor cords. Plano has provided them with an outstanding example of what not to do.]

I feel as though I'm having a bad case of deja vu. Except this time, instead of Wylie HS asking graduating students to hide their honor regalia so as not to make the others feel bad, it's Plano Senior High School's tradition of telling them they can't even wear it.

You heard right. The politically correct weenies over at Plano Senior High School have a long-standing tradition that graduating seniors cannot wear their honor cords, National Honor Society satin stoles or anything resembling having achieved more than anyone else.

Apparently, this is the kind of liberal claptrap being rammed down those student's throats over at PSH. Obviously there are a bunch of liberal wussies running Plano ISD and they are afraid of candy canes, the word "Christmas", and evidently regalia.

These students have been taught that they should be ashamed of how hard they worked for fear of hurting someone else's feelings. Except the lesson has quite the opposite effect than intended.

This is a great lesson in the liberal Democrat ideology espoused by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They, along with many school administrators and the majority of college professors believe that everyone should be equal and have the same thing, and those who have more should be ashamed. To them, American Exceptionalism is a dirty word and the curriculum mirrors this. This is the twisted Robbing Hood standard that defines socialism and is being spoon-fed to our students. Oh, and they bought into this hook, line and sinker.

Thank you Plano Senior High administrators for creating dozens of new voters every year who don't like your stinking liberal policy. You did us a favor.

Would I were one of those students who earned honors at Plano Senior High, I would wear my regalia to the ceremony. I would rather walk in with my head held high, showing how hard I worked and risk them not giving me my diploma, than kowtow to a bunch of politically correct weak-minded panty-waists who don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

More important, welcome Plano Senior High graduating class of 2016 to your first brutal lesson in socialism as Plano Senior High breaks the internet. May you forever vehemently reject the idea of it, and never again allow anyone else to shame you into thinking you have not earned the right to display exceptionalism through your hard work.

#SocialismLesson #ParticipationTrophy