#Brexit: A Case for Second Amendment Rights

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Britain's #Brexit vote should be a reminder to all Americans why we should not allow the government to take our gun rights away.

By now you know that 52% of the UKs voters decided they no longer want to be bound by some invisible group's decisions over their national sovereignty. The EU has told them who they must take into their borders and how many, among other things. For this, they get back £1 for every £2 they put in, while countries like Poland make out as the Robbing Hood of EU bandits try to equalize wealth in the region.

The vote was nearly evenly split, until the more working class areas were tallied and they overthrew the wealthy elite's desire to remain within the EUs constraints. According a friend of mine who lives in England, "We  have given the establishment a bloody nose and they don't like it." He pointed out that in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, those who voted to remain in the EU were from affluent areas. Of course they were, they don't want their apple cart upended. I even heard people make fun of Prime Minister David Cameron for claiming he wasn't a quitter and then bolting first when he didn't get his way. Kind of shows the true quality of his character, doesn't it?

Conservative Americans are proud of them. But all is not golden in the UK.

Talk has turned to not invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon to break up with the EU, and Cameron is purposefully dilly dallying, claiming he will leave that up to the next PM to handle, in all hope that it won't.

Additional talk has turned to petitions signed by 3.5 million so far asking for another vote, presumably so that they can further bully and oppress the poor and working-class people, or simply steal the vote through corruption, taken presumably from a page in the US Democrat's handbook on stealing elections. Still, why would that vote be any more legitimate than the first? Because the wealthy would have won, and they have the power and funds to fight.

More talk by Scotland and Northern Ireland has turned to extrapolating the vote for those who didn't vote through Parliament and overturning the vote. Though that is not possible, since Parliament in Westminster is sovereign. Scotland and Northern Ireland could certainly hold a vote to break up the UK, and to that my British friend said, "I say if you Scots and Irish want to leave us and think you can do better on your own, fair enough and best of luck to you!"

What does all of this have to do with guns?

If the British government decides not to invoke Article 50, or another vote is held to try to overthrow the first, what are the 52% left to do? They allowed their socialist government to place strict gun control laws upon them so how are they to fight back from a rogue government? They cannot.

This is precisely the reason behind our Second Amendment rights in the US. Much of the talk on the Second Amendment among the Founders was about tyrannical leaders and standing armies, well-armed militia that morphed into a select group better armed and trained than the whole body of the people possessing arms. Additionally, none of the Founders liked the idea of a standing army but they understood the need for providing for the common defense.

History played a part in the Second Amendment needs as well. They drew from examples such as the unarmed Huguenots who were driven from their homes to convert to Catholicism, as well as brutalistic British armed forces in the colonies preceding the Revolutionary War.

In fact, the right to bear arms by common man was so important, that out of 103 proposed amendments in the First US Congress, guns remained in the final 12 sent to the states, with only 10 being ratified, including our precious Second Amendment. Not only did the Founders determine that We the People should be allowed to keep and bear arms to protect our homes and property, but that we should protect ourselves from tyranny. It was that important.

For a vote as important as #Brexit to result in tyranny, is a possibility among many. Though it is unlikely thanks to the watchful eye of the globally web-connected world, we are watching an unarmed people's fate lie in the hands of a government that behaves as if they are not beholden to them. While on this side of the pond, our government wishes to remove the guns from our hands, precisely for this very reason.