Confessions of a Conservative Target Shopper

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I get it. I totally get why conservatives are boycotting Target, after their decision to essentially let anyone who claims they identify as one sex or the other use whatever bathroom they choose. I think it's a crappy policy that doesn't take into consideration the safety of anyone young or old.

Shortly thereafter, in Frisco, Texas a young peeper was caught taking photos of girls in the dressing room. Except my questions is, with all the angst over what amounts to essentially unisex bathrooms, did anyone even notice that Target already had unisex dressing rooms?

I'm not afraid of the trannies, I'm afraid of the pervs and frankly, we're not safe anywhere. I've never been a fan of peeing next to anyone, and why we need rows of open bottom and top stalls or a row of urinals is a mystery. It's just plain gross.

At a Florida Target store (unfortunately it's Target but could have been anywhere) a woman chased a pervert out of the store. The sad part is, Target has welcomed every pervert in town since they opened their bathrooms up to pretty much anyone who feels like going into one or the other. Who is going to stop them?  I don't see Target personnel checking, do you?

That said, I really tried to embrace the whole boycott Target thing, but I'm just not that into it. It's not like it's Starbucks where the CEO told conservatives to stay the hell away, as he takes every opportunity available to serve up a dose of condescending with his ridiculously high dollar cup of chemicals. Their bathrooms have been unisex for years, so where is the boycott outrage there?

But Target? It's a company doling out whatever policy they choose to, and as conservatives, haven't we always stood behind businesses being allowed to make whatever decisions they wish to make? We get awfully mad when Christian bakeries are forced to make wedding cakes for gay couples, but Target makes a decision to welcome transgenders and suddenly we don't like it.

It's not like the CEO told conservatives to take their business somewhere else like Starbucks. It's not as if Target made the decision that they want to purposely place their customers at risk. It's that they made a decision to welcome one group, and did not take into consideration the implications to all groups. In my opinion, they made what I believe is a dangerous decision.

I think Target's bathroom and dressing room policies are terrible and are going to open them up for litigation when someone gets raped or kiddie diddled, but at the end of the day their bathroom policy really is their decision. So shop there if you don't care, or don't shop there if it pisses you off. It's all about choices, and that's what a free nation does.

I can take my business somewhere else if I don't like Target's policy, which is exactly what I did with Starbucks. But I just can't quit Target 100%. Certainly my shopping there has been dramatically reduced by about 90% since they decided not to build private, single user bathrooms for the safety of all their customers, and as a consumer, that's my choice too.