Magic Not Official City of Wylie Business

Photo credit: City of Wylie
While everyone is hyper-focused on the presidential election and buffoonery surrounding the death march coming in November, your local governments are taking the opportunity to piddle around with your tax dollars while nobody is looking.

In my little city of Wylie,Texas, our mayor approached the council asking for tax dollars to fund a trip to Washington DC, under the guise of promoting magic and Wylie. In reality, his personal pet project was the chief focus of the trip, and our council members agreed to send him, along with the city manager who took money out of her travel fund so she could heel like a yappy Chihuahua taking photos. 

While in DC, the center stage was magic bill HR 642 as our Representative Pete Sessions, famed magician David Copperfield, and Mayor Eric Hogue provided entertainment and interviews for the DC vultures, AKA legislators, senior staff and the media. 

This was not a trip promoting Wylie, this was a personal vacation promoting magic that should have been paid for by the mayor and city manager personally. 

Just uttering the words, "Wylie" and coercing the speaker of the house to exclaim, "I love Wylie" during a photo shoot with the mayor, does not a business trip make. Do you think the IRS would welcome companies and individuals claiming business trip expense just because they uttered their company name to someone?  

What's worse, our city council members approved these funds during their May 10, 2016 council meeting. I don't know who to be mad at more, a derelict council or a media attention seeking mayor. Exactly who benefited from this meeting? Exactly what did we get from this meeting? How will the funds spent promote future government funding in Wylie? I can tell you who benefited from this meeting, and it wasn't the City of Wylie.

From May 10, 2016 minutes

From May 10, 2016 minutes
I cannot even fathom that this trip was presented as official city business, or that a motion was made by David Dahl, seconded by Candy Arrington and approved by Diane Culver, Keith Stephens, Jeff Forrester and Mayor Eric Hogue. Did it escape them that meeting with any Federal or State agency is only business when business is actually conducted? Merely using the word "Wylie" in a sentence does not constitute official city business. But the city can get away with it because the mayor met with his pal Rep. Pete Sessions.
From May 10, 2016 minutes
I suppose the only takeaway here is that our council has been blinded with the words "further recognizing Wylie, Texas and it's Mayor" and a scant handful of activities promoting his personal hobby. Especially a magic "festival" piggy-backed on the popular Boo on Ballard trick-or-treat event. Exactly who can tell just how successful that illustrious "first festival in Texas" was? They pulled every rag out of their sleeve to justify this trip at taxpayer expense. Seriously, is anyone reading these screenshots of the minutes and not shaking their head at how preposterous it all is?

While you have been busy complaining about the two selfish, egotistical, corrupt scumbags running for the White House, your tax dollars are paying for personal vacations as well as staff salaries as they spend countless hours toiling with the promotion of the mayor's personal hobby. Lest we forget that we are one of the highest taxed cities in all of North Texas. As I see it, the only magic that happened, is money magically disappeared from your pocket.