Welcome Plano Senior High Graduating Students To Your First Brutal Lesson in Socialism [Updated]

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[Update: Since there have been a lot of nasty comments from Plano residents who don't like what I have to say about their tradition. And because there are always those people who assume what this article says without even bothering to read it, I am posting this update. I cannot impress enough upon readers just how important it is for student individuality, and to reject the herding of the cattle mentality things like group think create. If the students wish to forgo wearing their regalia, that is a decision they should be allowed to make on their own, each and every one of them. The fact that students even entertain the idea of not wearing their regalia makes me wonder exactly what sort of ideology they have been subjected to over their educational career within PISD. It is unlikely that every student at any high school is altruistic enough to want to forgo wearing the regalia they worked so hard to earn, without some sort of mental massaging, peer pressure or covert bullying. Plano's open intolerance of Christianity and blatant liberal policies are the reason we left Plano ISD in 2001 for the much better district we found in Wylie ISD. It was Plano's curriculum that caused my oldest son to be considerably behind in his reading and math skills prior to our move, and once in Wylie, he excelled. He is now a Sigma Tau National Honor Society student at University of Texas at Dallas. Unfortunately, Wylie has been adopting a few liberal policies lately, and I hope to squelch the practice of asking students to hide their honor cords. Plano has provided them with an outstanding example of what not to do.]

I feel as though I'm having a bad case of deja vu. Except this time, instead of Wylie HS asking graduating students to hide their honor regalia so as not to make the others feel bad, it's Plano Senior High School's tradition of telling them they can't even wear it.

You heard right. The politically correct weenies over at Plano Senior High School have a long-standing tradition that graduating seniors cannot wear their honor cords, National Honor Society satin stoles or anything resembling having achieved more than anyone else.

Apparently, this is the kind of liberal claptrap being rammed down those student's throats over at PSH. Obviously there are a bunch of liberal wussies running Plano ISD and they are afraid of candy canes, the word "Christmas", and evidently regalia.

These students have been taught that they should be ashamed of how hard they worked for fear of hurting someone else's feelings. Except the lesson has quite the opposite effect than intended.

This is a great lesson in the liberal Democrat ideology espoused by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They, along with many school administrators and the majority of college professors believe that everyone should be equal and have the same thing, and those who have more should be ashamed. To them, American Exceptionalism is a dirty word and the curriculum mirrors this. This is the twisted Robbing Hood standard that defines socialism and is being spoon-fed to our students. Oh, and they bought into this hook, line and sinker.

Thank you Plano Senior High administrators for creating dozens of new voters every year who don't like your stinking liberal policy. You did us a favor.

Would I were one of those students who earned honors at Plano Senior High, I would wear my regalia to the ceremony. I would rather walk in with my head held high, showing how hard I worked and risk them not giving me my diploma, than kowtow to a bunch of politically correct weak-minded panty-waists who don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

More important, welcome Plano Senior High graduating class of 2016 to your first brutal lesson in socialism as Plano Senior High breaks the internet. May you forever vehemently reject the idea of it, and never again allow anyone else to shame you into thinking you have not earned the right to display exceptionalism through your hard work.

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