Wylie High Senior Class Prank 2016

Photo credit: Wylie ISD
Every now and then you get a really stellar high school graduating class, where you expect greatness from all of them. Unfortunately, this year is not one of them for the Wylie High School Graduating Class of 2016. What started out a week ago as an innocent senior prank of balloons and streamers, turned into straight up vandalism with Silly String, ammonia, cooking oil and the cops.

After all was tallied, they did approximately $1500 worth of damage to the school, and provided countless hours of cleanup for the janitor, principal, superintendent and volunteers.

The mayhem was understandably downplayed by WISD administration so as not to provide the vandals with the satisfaction for their efforts.

The evening started out innocently enough with three of the Top 20 graduating students who went to the school to toss around balloons and streamers in a little lighthearted fun. However, a GroupMe message brought droves of students to the high school later in the evening, for promises of an epic annual senior prank. Reports were made that a student hung out after hours to let the other students in.

According to my sources, approximately 90 students converged on the high school with promises of what would be a great time, scaring the three original girls who then left. After the vandalism was over, what was left was mayhem and mess.

I suppose the students who Silly Stringed the freshly painted walls did not realize it would not come off. The walls had just been repainted thanks to a taxpayer bond approval allowing funds to upgrade most of the campuses this year.

The cooking oil spread over the stairway was extremely dangerous, especially for our superintendent Dr. David Vinson, who slipped and fell according to reports, though thankfully he did not get hurt.

However according to my sources, the ammonia poised over doorways should have been cause for arrests. Imagine students about to graduate that thought dumping ammonia on people's heads and potentially in their eyes, nose, mouth and ears was a good idea.

To top off this great feat of common sense, there are reports that students broke into classrooms and flipped chairs and tables and even put one of the desks in the elevator.

They Saran Wrapped the entire staircase, and there was even a parent caught on surveillance video bringing things to the school to help make the mess.

When the police showed up, approximately 90 students ran for the basement, out the back door to the parking lot and hastily split in their cars according to my sources. This was an astounding 1/4 of the graduating class that participated in this stupidity.

Students were rounded up as they were identified on camera, and for those who wore masks, they were identified as other students called them by name on the tape as it recorded the entire scene.

Those identified on camera as playing a part in the vandalism involving ammonia, Silly String and cooking oil were punished by receiving in-school-suspension this week, and those who do not complete their assigned ISS will not walk at graduation.

To cover the cost of repairs, a student-led fundraising car wash was set up yesterday at the Brookshire's Grocery store right after school until about 7:00 p.m. but there are no reports yet on how much money was raised, since there has been rain in the area. The students involved in this incident were all required to sign up to work two-hour shifts at the fundraiser.

This blog post combines reports from what was published on the principal's Facebook page, and from various other student reports. One can hope that the rather immature class of 2016 can find it in themselves to behave at the graduation ceremony this Saturday.

Though the much loved principal Virdie Montgomery felt he had to clear things up on his Facebook for the lynch mob that ensued, in all I believe it was handled as it should be. In their child-like exuberance, a rather immature graduating class got together to celebrate an annual ritual and as always, there were a few numskulls who pushed the limits beyond what is reasonable. For that, they were punished.

A quick Google search shows all manner of senior pranks gone wrong  across the country and a variety of ways they were handled. I believe Mr. Montgomery handled the difficult situation he was placed in as best he could. Kudos to him for having the respect and adoration of a supportive community.

Perhaps senior classes need to rethink their end of year activities and maybe consider the days of our old tradition - a Senior Skip Day where we hung out at the beach all day. It was a lot more fun for everyone and a lot less messy.