New Kids

Wylie ISD
Sometimes it turns out great to have a new kid kicking around in Wylie. You know, someone who cares enough to pay attention to Wylie ISD school board meetings and city council meetings. Someone who can strategically replace a bad seed. Sometimes, ...... not so much.

Turns out this time is not really the best time for Wylie ISD Trustee Lance Goff to pick up an opponent. That's right, someone is running against the incredibly popular and well-liked Goff, and they are a member of Wylie's First Baptist Church (FBC) to boot. Arrive Matt Atkins.

The fact that we have all those good little FBC sheeple running around town, trying to run everything is, well, not really advantageous. In fact, I cringe every time I hear of another FBC member running for something. Too much of anything isn't good, particularly for a growing city run by teetotalers or pretend teetotalers who allow their personal views, or their fear of FBC leadership, to stifle city growth. We've got enough FBC peeps with their hands around the city's neck, thank you very much.

Many moons ago, I might have supported Atkins for a run. Nope, never met him, but many moons ago we had a derelict board with a good ole boy sitting in the superintendent's seat.

Now, we have a board that has gelled and, though we pay too damn much in taxes and the administrators are paid ridiculously outrageous salaries for what they do compared to teachers (an unfortunate symptom everywhere it seems), they have been very successful in putting Wylie on the map as the school district to get into. Because of this, we no longer have to tour dilapidated schools in a caravan of shame, led by the super, in order to be snookered for yet another bond where money will invariably go to football anyway. Yup, it happened just like that pre-Dr. Vinson days.

Instead we have brilliant schools where every student has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and steadily increasing home values. The schools have achieved what I said years ago, and that is to draw in high-quality, high-income tax payers, and they did just that with the current school board. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Honestly, if I had to put my finger on board members that should probably be scrutinized, it certainly wouldn't be Goff. To be honest, in this go around Gooch is the last holdover from the bad board days. Why not her? Though to be truthful she doesn't seem all that bad. At least she brought some class to the presidency, always looking ship shape and smart at every event. She's certainly dedicated.

If I were Mr. Atkins, I would hold off until the next time Trustee Mitch Herzog comes up, considering he is also a Wylie Economic Development board member who profited greatly on the little piece of property the school district sold to his boss, Mr. Parker. If that's not someone who needs to be removed, I'm not sure who, then.

But Trustee Lance Goff? Meh, I'm just not all that deeply incentivized to remove him because it serves no real purpose other than to pad someone else's resume.

We'll catch you next time Mr. Atkins. Hopefully then you will select someone more tactically beneficial to run against.

Interesting Lavon Employment Opportunities

Recent Wylie News employment advertisements

When employees began filing official complaints with Lavon city council, the council was wholly unequipped to handle them. The answer was simple, but for political, or perhaps other reasons, council members swept the complaints under the carpet.

Lavon was simply too podunk and did not have the money to hire a city manager or city administrator. Sure, it was talked about when the mass exodus of employees and volunteers took place from late 2013 to early 2014 citing the city secretary for her odd behavior as the catalyst for their departure, but council mistakenly thought Mayor Teske could handle everything as acting city manager. Except, he was part of the problem.

It's kind of hard to pretend that the volunteer quilting group and head of the activity center didn't walk out because of the city secretary's behavior. Indeed, the group can be located at one of the local churches there, probably still holding their pot luck Tuesdays.

It's also hard for Lavon to pretend that five employees did not leave because of the city secretary as well, considering they left a long paper trail of formal complaints behind them. Still, Mayor Teske and the bobbleheads on council back then seemed to know better.

Several months ago, one of the council members reached out to me about my Lavon blog post because they wanted additional information. I told that individual that I had moved on, but I did suggest that the member seek out the documents listed during the shenanigan timeline. Those documents should have revealed everything a newish council needed to know. Since then, my Lavon blog posts have been hit pretty consistently, according to analytics.

Fast forward to now. Those who left Lavon are still employed with the organizations they left for, nearly three years later. So how can it be that Lavon council members at the time pretend that those employees were the problem? Well, obviously they weren't. Hence the interesting job advertisements that showed up in the Wylie News the other week. It seems, the City of Lavon is hiring for a secretary and an administrator.

Imagine that.

National Review Cruz Article Hits Nail on Head

Many complaints have been levied against Ted Cruz since his RNC speech last night. Why the Trump crowd bothered booing is a mystery because they knew full well that Cruz would not be endorsing Donald Trump after he rolled in the mud like a squat pig. Perhaps Trump invited him to speak at the RNC hoping to damage the momentum he has been picking up. Hells, Cruz not running is more powerful than Cruz running for president. Clearly Cruz is not going away, as we see images and videos on the webosphere of just how many Texas delegates adore him.

What is amazing are the establishment and Trumpkin weenies complaining that Cruz lied about supporting the GOP nominee. Particularly because that request came at the beginning of the debates when it seemed as if there were 3032 people running for the office, far before Trump and his camp showed how unethical they are.

The establishment GOPers are complaining loudly in order to keep negative press on Cruz. You know, it's what you do when you are deathly afraid of the power behind the rise of someone who can give the people another Reaganesque bump. Such a bump in the US would topple the slop trough the a-moral establishyster crowd in DC and their pret-a-porter supporters around the country are feeding from.

In the linked article above, Jeremy Carl writes, "Donald Trump insulted Cruz’s wife, (presumably) planted false tabloid stories about him in the National Enquirer, and suggested, completely baselessly that his father might have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy."

Unless you are a half-wit or completely lack scruples, you would not endorse a man who made those types of allegations about you and your family. For Cruz to endorse Trump after that crap, would be a total failure of his principles. Cruz certainly isn't perfect, but he isn't stupid enough to compromise his principles over the orange-faced chump.

Still, soulless people would rather call Cruz a liar and bully and shame the #NeverTrump crowd for rejecting that behavior, than accept the basis of Ted's principles. I suppose when you have no trouble compromising your own principles, you can find fault in those who refuse.

Trump's Whig Party 2.0

The Republican National Convention (RNC) was the only opportunity to truly unite the party, and the GOP establishment not only failed miserably, but saw to its demise today.

The RNC chairman ignored obvious signals from all over the floor, microphones were turned off indiscriminately so grassroots could be conveniently ignored, the chairman selected the roll call vote outcome of his choosing and objections went ignored declaring, "no objection" when clearly there  was an abundance of it. When floor rules mean nothing to leadership, and they use bully tactics on their grassroots base, no other conclusion can be drawn.

Welcome to the new Whig Party 2.0, the party interested in aristocracy and bully tactics, none of which will unify the party or the country.

One thing is clear, they just lost their grassroots, and the GOP will never be the same.

Obama Supporter Reality Check

One humbled, one full of pride. Photo credit:

To apply just a little critical thinking on Obama's statements at the memorial service for fallen officers in Dallas, he equated the Dallas police murders to that of the two black men, Sterling and Castile, who were killed by police officers last week, however there is no evidence that race played any role whatsoever in those two killings since a complete investigation has not been completed. Yet we know from the Dallas murderer's own words that he intended to kill white cops and white people! This statement did not belong in a memorial service. 

Obama suggested that today's police departments are rife with legacies on slavery, subjugation and Jim Crow, yet there is no evidence of this on any scale. But somehow he sums up all police officers as biased. I wonder how exactly he was able to determine that? And to make that kind of sweeping statement at a memorial service for police officers is disgusting. 

Obama also suggested that we need big government and funding to help people find a will, and that it isn't about finding policies. This is absolutely ludicrous. It isn't the government's job to help people create id, ego and super ego; it's the government's job to create policy. 

Obama also cited fantastical and maniacal statistics that have no basis in reality such as criminal activity and putting guns in teenager's hands. The shooter was not a teenager, in fact almost no high profile mass shooters have been teenagers. The man who shot at Dallas PD was highly specialized and military trained in combat. 


There is your reality check.

Wylie Tax Rate Kept Artificially High

Amazing, truly amazing. According to the Wylie News article Collin College to Build Newest Campus in Wylie, they wrote, "The Collin College Board of Trustees have announced plans to build a new campus in Wylie on 43.68 acres donated by the city of Wylie." This new campus is anticipated to be complete in about three years.

This is amazing news for two very distinct reasons. First, because the new campus will be a boon for property values as well as the dual-credit and graduating students within Wylie ISD, which you can read about in the superintendent's blog.  Also amazing, because the city donated 43.68 acres of land, behind closed doors, and still has the audacity to whine about not having enough funds for all the expenditures for the upcoming 2016-'17 budget.

Now before anyone picks up the pitchforks and torches and makes their way to burn a cross on my front lawn, I get it. I totally get why they handed land once promised to Wylie's tree-huggers as parks and blackland prairie, over to Collin College. The negotiations took a decade and this was the final push needed to lure the campus here. Eh, so the free-love, kumbaya singing hippies lost their land. Evidently they were just a casualty in Wylie's kingdom building scheme.

And yes, I agree this is a huge bonus for Wylie with what will be a massive influx of students, faculty and staff that will be dining and shopping here, and increasing our sales tax revenue, restaurant and store selections and property values exponentially. But that growth comes with a price as well, with the anticipation of traffic snarls and congestion that would make Los Angeles freeway drivers weary. One can only hope they build some new roads to accommodate.

However, the point here is that the city handed over a massive parcel of land in one hand and stabbed taxpayers in the back with the other hand, by holding the ridiculously inflated property tax rate stable. It is especially unconscionable when you hear just how much money they netted with the massive property valuation hike Collin County bestowed upon us for the coming year.

Like clockwork every year, city manager Mindy Manson began her annual tap dance and sandbag routine during the budget overview, telling council members that the $2.9 million projected revenue in excess, one of the best excess leaps the city has seen in years I might add, won't be enough because of additional spending requests, and because she intimated the city is under-insured from the hail storm that took place April 11th.

Except that fear of lagging hail claim payout being hinted at actually represents upgrading and remodeling the entire Public Safety Building, instead of just repairing it to pre-storm condition. Of course the insurance claim won't cover a want; it is there to cover needs. No wonder why these city administrators love Wylie so much.

Meanwhile Manson suggested the city hold tight on the ridiculously inflated 86.89 cents per $100 assessed property valuation, just in case the insurance deal doesn't pan out for their total remodel. Boy they see Bubba the taxpayer coming, don't they?

Yet over here in realityville, the 80% of Wylie's homeowners suffering hail damage are working out ways to repair and replace within their means, but city staff thinks taxpayers need to foot the bill with an over-inflated tax rate for yet another year to fund another annual spending spree.

But think on this a bit. Manson has already told council members that staff fully intends to increase spending to take up the rather generous sales and property tax revenue boon, AND they intend to do a full remodel of the Public Safety Building, adding on expenses far beyond repairs that insurance will reasonably cover. This isn't Wylie, this is the land of Oz and the Oompa Loompa's are twerking on our backs.
Courtesy of Wizard of Oz

To add insult to injury, Manson's ever-loving sidekick, Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue tossed out another half-cent decrease suggestion, in hopes that nobody will notice just how little the $161,400 will impact the massive spending spree going on down at city hall.

Do the math. $2.9 million excess less $161.4K half cent decrease = Wylie taxpayers are getting not only screwed, but seriously violated.

The city could literally cut the tax rate by four cents, something the budget can clearly support, and still give them plenty of mad money. This type of cut would finally bring us in line with surrounding cities. Am I the only one who is annoyed that yet another year is going by as city staff gleefully rub their hands together and squeal while looking for creative ways to spend, instead of lowering the tax rate and giving it back to the taxpayers? But hey, at least Wylie city leaders have smiles on their faces while they chime, "I love Wylie!" for the camera.

I suppose you would love Wylie too if you had a massive influx of revenue and massive amounts of moolah expected within three to four years. Just think of the possibilities while you watch the money drain from your bank account.

Judicial Activism: Look Locally Too

Photo credit: WHMI News
Below is an excellent guest writer example of local judicial activism.

By: R.O'Keefe, July 1, 2016

My wife and I have always sent our boys to private school. We never wanted them to step foot in the liberal indoctrination system of the public school system. Note: I am only speaking of the public schools around our Livingston County, Michigan area; there are a lot of great public schools throughout the U.S. which still believe in freedom principles as outlined throughout our Constitution.
As we have struggled financially as a small private school community, we have often had to fight the establishment in regard to their numerous progressive liberalism tenants . Case in point: we invested $400 K in a new school, attached to our local church in Brighton, MI, and the township has fought us every step of the way. Ultimately, yesterday a federal judge sided with the township instead of liberty. His decision is a direct violation of religious liberties and is judicial activism at its finest.
It's here folks! It's personal, and it WILL affect your family's way of life. Judicial activism is alive and well throughout the country, from small towns to a national level.
While my wife and I have chosen to sacrifice 'things' so our children could grow up and not be indoctrinated into the progressive way of life, small town government has decided we do not have the right of religious liberty. So, while the nation discusses transgender bathrooms in the public schools, which all our tax dollars provide for, the only question that remains is, when is enough, enough??