New Kids

Wylie ISD
Sometimes it turns out great to have a new kid kicking around in Wylie. You know, someone who cares enough to pay attention to Wylie ISD school board meetings and city council meetings. Someone who can strategically replace a bad seed. Sometimes, ...... not so much.

Turns out this time is not really the best time for Wylie ISD Trustee Lance Goff to pick up an opponent. That's right, someone is running against the incredibly popular and well-liked Goff, and they are a member of Wylie's First Baptist Church (FBC) to boot. Arrive Matt Atkins.

The fact that we have all those good little FBC sheeple running around town, trying to run everything is, well, not really advantageous. In fact, I cringe every time I hear of another FBC member running for something. Too much of anything isn't good, particularly for a growing city run by teetotalers or pretend teetotalers who allow their personal views, or their fear of FBC leadership, to stifle city growth. We've got enough FBC peeps with their hands around the city's neck, thank you very much.

Many moons ago, I might have supported Atkins for a run. Nope, never met him, but many moons ago we had a derelict board with a good ole boy sitting in the superintendent's seat.

Now, we have a board that has gelled and, though we pay too damn much in taxes and the administrators are paid ridiculously outrageous salaries for what they do compared to teachers (an unfortunate symptom everywhere it seems), they have been very successful in putting Wylie on the map as the school district to get into. Because of this, we no longer have to tour dilapidated schools in a caravan of shame, led by the super, in order to be snookered for yet another bond where money will invariably go to football anyway. Yup, it happened just like that pre-Dr. Vinson days.

Instead we have brilliant schools where every student has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and steadily increasing home values. The schools have achieved what I said years ago, and that is to draw in high-quality, high-income tax payers, and they did just that with the current school board. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Honestly, if I had to put my finger on board members that should probably be scrutinized, it certainly wouldn't be Goff. To be honest, in this go around Gooch is the last holdover from the bad board days. Why not her? Though to be truthful she doesn't seem all that bad. At least she brought some class to the presidency, always looking ship shape and smart at every event. She's certainly dedicated.

If I were Mr. Atkins, I would hold off until the next time Trustee Mitch Herzog comes up, considering he is also a Wylie Economic Development board member who profited greatly on the little piece of property the school district sold to his boss, Mr. Parker. If that's not someone who needs to be removed, I'm not sure who, then.

But Trustee Lance Goff? Meh, I'm just not all that deeply incentivized to remove him because it serves no real purpose other than to pad someone else's resume.

We'll catch you next time Mr. Atkins. Hopefully then you will select someone more tactically beneficial to run against.