National Review Cruz Article Hits Nail on Head

Many complaints have been levied against Ted Cruz since his RNC speech last night. Why the Trump crowd bothered booing is a mystery because they knew full well that Cruz would not be endorsing Donald Trump after he rolled in the mud like a squat pig. Perhaps Trump invited him to speak at the RNC hoping to damage the momentum he has been picking up. Hells, Cruz not running is more powerful than Cruz running for president. Clearly Cruz is not going away, as we see images and videos on the webosphere of just how many Texas delegates adore him.

What is amazing are the establishment and Trumpkin weenies complaining that Cruz lied about supporting the GOP nominee. Particularly because that request came at the beginning of the debates when it seemed as if there were 3032 people running for the office, far before Trump and his camp showed how unethical they are.

The establishment GOPers are complaining loudly in order to keep negative press on Cruz. You know, it's what you do when you are deathly afraid of the power behind the rise of someone who can give the people another Reaganesque bump. Such a bump in the US would topple the slop trough the a-moral establishyster crowd in DC and their pret-a-porter supporters around the country are feeding from.

In the linked article above, Jeremy Carl writes, "Donald Trump insulted Cruz’s wife, (presumably) planted false tabloid stories about him in the National Enquirer, and suggested, completely baselessly that his father might have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy."

Unless you are a half-wit or completely lack scruples, you would not endorse a man who made those types of allegations about you and your family. For Cruz to endorse Trump after that crap, would be a total failure of his principles. Cruz certainly isn't perfect, but he isn't stupid enough to compromise his principles over the orange-faced chump.

Still, soulless people would rather call Cruz a liar and bully and shame the #NeverTrump crowd for rejecting that behavior, than accept the basis of Ted's principles. I suppose when you have no trouble compromising your own principles, you can find fault in those who refuse.