Interesting Lavon Employment Opportunities

Recent Wylie News employment advertisements

When employees began filing official complaints with Lavon city council, the council was wholly unequipped to handle them. The answer was simple, but for political, or perhaps other reasons, council members swept the complaints under the carpet.

Lavon was simply too podunk and did not have the money to hire a city manager or city administrator. Sure, it was talked about when the mass exodus of employees and volunteers took place from late 2013 to early 2014 citing the city secretary for her odd behavior as the catalyst for their departure, but council mistakenly thought Mayor Teske could handle everything as acting city manager. Except, he was part of the problem.

It's kind of hard to pretend that the volunteer quilting group and head of the activity center didn't walk out because of the city secretary's behavior. Indeed, the group can be located at one of the local churches there, probably still holding their pot luck Tuesdays.

It's also hard for Lavon to pretend that five employees did not leave because of the city secretary as well, considering they left a long paper trail of formal complaints behind them. Still, Mayor Teske and the bobbleheads on council back then seemed to know better.

Several months ago, one of the council members reached out to me about my Lavon blog post because they wanted additional information. I told that individual that I had moved on, but I did suggest that the member seek out the documents listed during the shenanigan timeline. Those documents should have revealed everything a newish council needed to know. Since then, my Lavon blog posts have been hit pretty consistently, according to analytics.

Fast forward to now. Those who left Lavon are still employed with the organizations they left for, nearly three years later. So how can it be that Lavon council members at the time pretend that those employees were the problem? Well, obviously they weren't. Hence the interesting job advertisements that showed up in the Wylie News the other week. It seems, the City of Lavon is hiring for a secretary and an administrator.

Imagine that.