Judicial Activism: Look Locally Too

Photo credit: WHMI News
Below is an excellent guest writer example of local judicial activism.

By: R.O'Keefe, July 1, 2016

My wife and I have always sent our boys to private school. We never wanted them to step foot in the liberal indoctrination system of the public school system. Note: I am only speaking of the public schools around our Livingston County, Michigan area; there are a lot of great public schools throughout the U.S. which still believe in freedom principles as outlined throughout our Constitution.
As we have struggled financially as a small private school community, we have often had to fight the establishment in regard to their numerous progressive liberalism tenants . Case in point: we invested $400 K in a new school, attached to our local church in Brighton, MI, and the township has fought us every step of the way. Ultimately, yesterday a federal judge sided with the township instead of liberty. His decision is a direct violation of religious liberties and is judicial activism at its finest.
It's here folks! It's personal, and it WILL affect your family's way of life. Judicial activism is alive and well throughout the country, from small towns to a national level.
While my wife and I have chosen to sacrifice 'things' so our children could grow up and not be indoctrinated into the progressive way of life, small town government has decided we do not have the right of religious liberty. So, while the nation discusses transgender bathrooms in the public schools, which all our tax dollars provide for, the only question that remains is, when is enough, enough??