Trump's Whig Party 2.0

The Republican National Convention (RNC) was the only opportunity to truly unite the party, and the GOP establishment not only failed miserably, but saw to its demise today.

The RNC chairman ignored obvious signals from all over the floor, microphones were turned off indiscriminately so grassroots could be conveniently ignored, the chairman selected the roll call vote outcome of his choosing and objections went ignored declaring, "no objection" when clearly there  was an abundance of it. When floor rules mean nothing to leadership, and they use bully tactics on their grassroots base, no other conclusion can be drawn.

Welcome to the new Whig Party 2.0, the party interested in aristocracy and bully tactics, none of which will unify the party or the country.

One thing is clear, they just lost their grassroots, and the GOP will never be the same.