Donald Trump's New Clothes

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I knew nothing good could come from supporting Donald Trump in the primaries, which is why I went full force for Ted Cruz. But people whined that they didn't like Cruz's staunch supporters, they thought he was polarizing, they didn't like that he changed his mind on a couple of things such as TPA. Um ya, after his constituents blasted him for trusting the DC cartel after which he realized the error of his ways. At least he didn't change his mind on critical aspects, gee, like his entire platform.

Cruz would have been infinitely better than the current twat we have running as a Republican.

I wrote previously that there was no way to round up millions of illegals and caravan them out of the country. Turns out, he must have realized that too because Trump is now backing off his harsh anti-illegal talk

Remember when Trump first made his rounds? Last September, in grandiose sweeps and pounding fists, he exclaimed to the world that he would build the wall and remove all of those pesky illegals. In fact, there was a run on the primary election booth last March as record numbers of people turned out to the polls to vote for that fairy tale. They turned out because they were sick of the illegal alien problem in this country and how much it is costing taxpayers

There was so much talk at that time, from people like Jeff Sessions, and even Pete Sessions who barnacled himself to Jeff in one of his primary fliers on illegal immigration. Where did all that strong talk go? Yup, I thought so. Crickets.

Where Trump strong-armed the public into voting for him because of his stance on illegal aliens, now, not so much. Believe him.

Now, all those people who ran to the polls, relaxed their tea party principles and even bad-mouthed conservatives who refused to buy into the bullditty, are now finding out why the rest of us did not want Trump. He's a moderate. The emperor has changed his clothes on national television, and it's embarrassing. 

The illegal alien problem did not suddenly go away. But Trump's tough talk sure did.

For those Trumpheads who turned away from Cruz, I told you so. Oh, and thanks for putting us in this pickle as polls across the country show the Hilldabeast ahead of Trump by double digits. 

One would think after eight years and running losers against the Democrats that Republicans would have learned. 

Republicans, you had one job. 

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