Anti-American Brats Do Not Define Us

As a constitutional conservative, I am taking a different stance on the numskulls moved to disrespect our national anthem and flag. I am of the mind that it is their right. After all, they have the freedom to act like buffoons in this great nation because better men and women fought for that right.

As Kaepernick sat out our national anthem because he feels his liberties have been stifled, check out the extensive shoe collection he was able to amass under such an oppressive, liberty-stealing nation. These people actually live and breathe among us, and they are bent on tearing everyone down with them.

What is ignored for that coveted 15 minutes of fame is that many black and white Americans are fighting side-by-side for all of the liberties we enjoy, including the lives of millions of black babies aborted, thanks to Planned Parenthood's genocidal goals to extinguish a race.

We are paid back by being assaulted with Cal-State's ludicrous offering to recycle segregation with black-only housing on campus. Nothing like setting people back some odd years. Surely Rosa Parks and MLK are rolling violently over in their graves.

In a moment of self-righteous insanity, Colin Kaepernick decided to take the country on as he refused to stand for the National Anthem late last month, and the lesser known soccer player, Megan Rapinoe followed suit, claiming solidarity.
Really? Rapinoe thinks that as a gay woman, her liberties have not been protected by our flag? Yes, the same piece of cloth she has wrapped herself in. Gee, I wonder how she would fare in the Middle East, poor thing.

Not surprising behavior, considering nearly every gay-rights parade brings the obligatory flag burning with it. Just Google "gay rights parade and American flag" to see what I mean.

The fact is, the majority of Americans don't give a crap if you are black, white, brown or rainbow colored. We just want to get on with the business of raising our families. You certainly don't see hetero-pride parades marching down Anystreet USA. Get over yourselves already.

While I will continue to fight for anyone's right to disrespect our national anthem, our flag, and our country,  I will continue to believe their anger and hatred is displaced in a country where anything goes, including a bi-sexual felon and a reality television star running for president to replace a hateful black man who spent his precious time in the White House destroying our national sovereignty.

Just imagine what these two could have done by uplifting a nation instead of wallowing in their own self pity. What about the blacks caught in slavery throughout the third-world nations? What about the gays being tossed from the tops of buildings in the Middle East? Instead, these two greedy, petulant haves would rather whine about what they don't have in this nation that has given them so much compared to anyone else on the face of this planet.

I think their disrespectful behavior speaks volumes about what type of people the media is rearing in this country. These spoiled rotten brat types spotlighted by their makers do not provide an accurate definition of who Americans really are, and they should be called out for it.