Another Wylie Football Player Falls From Grace

Photo credit: Alan Doster,  USA TODAY Sports

This time former Pirate Nikita Whitlock is the focus of bad behavior, with his suspension from the Giants, for performance enhancing drugs (PED). As we saw from my blog post on former Raider CJ Pierson's multiple misdemeanor arrests, Wylie football players are not immune from making poor choices.

According to a article by James Kratch, this PED suspension results in Nikita sitting out for 10 games, unpaid (his 2016 $525,000 salary) and shunned from contact with the Giants. According to the rules, the 10 game suspension means this is his second offence. His first was a four game suspension last year, and if he is caught again, he will receive a two season suspension.

Too bad a stellar football player feels the need to take PEDs. What a waste of talent, but I suspect in this day of hyper-competitiveness, some athletes feel they need an edge.