Pete Sessions Apartmenties
Well isn't that precious. Pete Sessions sold his old townhouse on Thomas Court in Dallas County and moved yet again, this time to 2848 Woodside Street in Dallas. Seems he changes his Texas residence like he changed his wife. Yikes!

I published my initial blog post on Pete Sessions in 2014 pointing out how a professional politician claimed he was living in a dive of a rented apartment in Texas just to tick the residency box. In Pete Sessions Homies where we got a rather comical look at his patio plunger. Pretty apt considering how full of it he is. Oh yes, I was blasted by his virtual ruffians, claiming he couldn't afford much more, considering an apartment he has to keep in D.C. and all. Poor baby.

Turns out he doesn't exactly like when someone points out inconsistencies in his Texas residency story because he quickly emptied big bucks from his wallet, you know, the ones his groupies claimed he didn't have, to move from that rented apartment to a purchased townhouse.

Last year I published a blog post on the numerous homes he and his wife Karen held, in Sessions Home Boy. I'm wondering if the twits forming a personal barrier around him want to run that affordability claim up the flagpole once more? He since sold the Colorado property, but yup, she still owns her home in Florida.
Earlier this year I highlighted the fact that his townhouse had no homestead exemption in Pete Sessions The Florida Homsteader. Priceless for someone who vowed to represent those in the district he allegedly lives in.

Suddenly Sessions packed up and moved on so that homestead could not be determined during this election. Gee, go figure.

Check out his new digs here.

Dallas Central Appraisal District

Amazing what Sessions will do to persuade people that he lives in Texas when in reality, he lives in Florida at his wife's condo in Winter Park. Guess he reads my blog, eh?