What to Do With a Millennial

Image: http://www.newinsights.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Young-Man-on-Couch_Large.jpg

Just what do you do with a millennial? Though there are conflicting reports on age groups, generally, millennials were born between 1982 and 2004 and represent the largest population group since the baby boomers. 

What is confounding companies nationwide is their unusual behavior. Not only are they eternally attached to their mobile devices, but they are not opening bank accounts or credit cards like their parents did, and they aren't buying homes either. In fact, roughly 32% are still living with their parents and 64% don't even own a credit card. 

Why are millennials so reticent to launch? 

My theory after many deep discussions with my own 23-year-old latchkey adult is that the outlook has been so crappy, why would they bother? 

Think about it. The only presidents they remember reasonably well are crappy ones. The only economy they know is one that has been nothing but a struggle. 

Prior to millennials we saw a man on the moon, calculators, the Beatles, Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War. We watched the wall come down in Germany and Poland became a country again in the Solidarity movement. We saw the might of the United States in Dessert Storm. We saw the computer age, mobile phones, the Internet and to be completely honest, we had hope. Real hope, and real change. Not the hateful garbage Obama pimped afterwards.

What have millennials had?  They saw September 11th and Hurricane Katrina and determined, the wide world outside of mom and dad's house just ain't that appealing.

They had Obama and Bush and maybe even remember Clinton and his sex scandals before him. When they became the age of reason, the only thing they remember is watching their families and friends struggle in jobs with bosses who abused them, or with parents who lost their jobs. They saw people complaining about slim to no raises, shady mortgages and banks that used predatory practices where people lost their homes. They saw how some of their friends were affected by it, as they moved from homes and even out of school districts. They watched people hand over auto titles for loans and lose their cars. Worse yet, they watched the national debt skyrocket thanks to dozens of irresponsible shysters in D.C. For eight solid years, everyone they know has been miserable and there has been no hope and no compelling or awe-inspiring change. 

Who would want to deal with all that when you never got to see a man on the moon or even Michael Jackson moonwalk at a concert?

Everything millennials have witnessed has made them mistrust the system, and made them particularly unwilling to subject themselves to it. The school districts and their socialist bent haven't helped either. And heaven help them if they had terrible parents. Some of these precious cupcakes are even out there burning flags and protesting anytime something doesn't go their way. Indeed, we can thank the participation trophy for helping to raise a bunch of close-minded sissies. 

As frustrating and ridiculous as it is, we can see why their angst is being manifested, in failing to launch or even with reckless behavior. 

I hope that out of this election of Donald Trump, that millennials, more than anyone, come to find what real hope and change looks like, and that they come to love this country, the flag and the constitution as much as previous generations do.

Donald Trump is right about one thing. It is time to make America great again.