Kicking the Obamacare Can

It should come as no surprise that Rep. Pete Sessions makes the rounds in and out of my befuddled headlines. Not only is he a recurring nightmare that keeps us awake, he is also a recurring daymare as well.

My current irritation with Sessions stems from his selfish insistence to place quashing full repeal of Obamacare before his duty to constituents. Did we not state emphatically for years that we want full repeal of Obamacare, and nothing else? What doesn't he get about this?

Instead, Sessions' actions show clearly that he is not on board with full repeal. In fact, quite the opposite rings true. If I were a betting woman, I would venture to guess he will claim we just have a simple difference of opinion on strategy. The truth is, I find his own Sessions-Cassidy healthcare bill at issue, not because of what is written in it, but because of how he is going about force feeding it to D.C.

The rhetoric coming from the Floridian in Texas drag sounds as if he is more interested in pimping his own healthcare plan, than pushing for full repeal.

Installing Sessions' less than stellar healthcare plan, would require replace and then repeal while the Obamacare can is kicked down the road. Note the flip in steps, which is especially important for those who voted based upon full repeal campaign promises. Think back to those handy campaign fliers we got in the mail during the last two primaries where repeal was always his first step.

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Pete Sessions
In fact, Sessions claimed to feel passionately about repealing Obamacare that he spent a great deal of time discussing it at his August, 2014 town hall meeting.

Rep. Pete Sessions, 2014
Good to know Sessions only feigns feeling vehemently. In this case, actions do speak louder than words.

With rhetoric that defies conservative logic, the Sessions camp is pushing for a "fix first" scenario that will cause two issues screaming the me-first establishment are still in charge in D.C.

First, Sessions can bend the ear of many a GOP bobble-head. If the focus shifts on repeal first instead of replace first, GOP leadership will assume, incorrectly, that Republican voters didn't have a clue what they wanted, and will capitulate to pressure to replace over repeal.

Second, that stale, old, fear-monger messaging will be spread by the media. Once again, we will see videos repeated ad nauseum of grandma being pushed over the cliff in her wheelchair as the media rekindles the power we tried to extinguish in November. If you think their tactics to get Hillary in office were untoward, wait until you see their tactics to keep Obamacare alive.

In my opinion, Sessions is crafting a self-centered push to replace Obamacare and it is completely unacceptable. Anything but full repeal first will stall repealing the law for months or longer.  This most certainly was not the method to our voting madness in November, I might add. We demanded full repeal of every...last...word.

Please inundate Pete Sessions' office and let him know you want full repeal of Obamacare first. Oh, and make sure you tell him TXun asked you to call.

Washington, DC Office

Phone: 202-225-2231

Dallas Office

Phone: 972-392-0505

Image: MSNBC