Sessions and Cornyn: Stomping on Conservative Principles

Image: Heritage Action
I received my end of year scorecard from Heritage Action this weekend, and it isn't great. When President Elect Donald Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp, this is precisely what he was talking about.
Residing in their usual and customary bottom ten positions for Republicans key voted are Rep. Pete Sessions at 70% and Sen. John Cornyn at 46%. According to the scorecard:
House Republican average score: 65% and Senate Republican average score: 57% (thanks to Cornyn's score)
These numbers are abysmal and do not represent Texans conservative principles, yet career politicians like Sessions and Cornyn are continually, and blindly voted in.
Among some of Sessions' low-lights are his votes for the lame duck continuing resolution in September, no child left behind re-authorization which rolls back many conservative education policies and does nothing to stop government intervention in education, his own house rules committee gimmick to advance the the $325 billion highway and transit bill that also re-authorized the Export-Import Bank corporate slush fund, the house budget reconciliation bill which did not repeal Obamacare as promised explicitly in the budget but also funded Planned Parenthood (something he claimed he would defund in his Wylie town hall), TPA, T-HUD beefing up housing and urban development by an astounding $1.5 billion above current spending levels and the $1.1 trillion year-end omnibus spending bill just this month.
Cornyn's low-lights include voting for the lame duck CR, draft our daughters defense bill and against tabling the omnibus spending plan this month. He also voted in support of reauthorizing no child left behind, the transportation spending hike, bailout and Ex-Im re-authorization, Obama's budget agreement, CR to continue funding planned parenthood, the highway and transit bailout, TPA, confirmation of Loretta Lynch for AG and authorizing a blank check for amnesty in DHS funding bill.
Other notables with terrible scorecard ratings are Rep. Joe Barton with 63% and Rep. Kay Granger with 58%.
You simply cannot have a score of 80% or lower and consider yourself a conservative Republican. Yet, well-meaning, low-information voters continually support these candidates, often with the help of misguided Texas GOP precinct chairs and county leadership, who are in it for the name recognition, bones tossed their way or the personal back rubbing these candidates give them. I always find it surprising that a variety of community and GOP leaders are willing to forgo the betterment of the masses for the betterment of their personal achievements.
Among the Texans voting for our conservative principles are Rep. John Ratcliffe who earned 95%, Sen. Ted Cruz with 94%, Rep. Louie Gohmert with 92% and surprisingly Sam Johnson who squeaked by with 89%.