The Great Millennial Lie

Millennials act as though they invented all this LGBTQ drama. As if it's some newfangled idea and the older crowd just don't get it. Except, we do get it. The fact is, we got it years ago.

I grew up in the 1980s where tons of people in college were gay or bi-curious. The university I went to was notoriously gay. In fact, several of the people I worked with were gay and I used to walk around with them, checking out guys in a very shallow and sexist way that I'm truly not proud of. 

Everyone I knew was listening to Boy George and Wham and there were tons of male band members that wore eyeline and even lipstick.  Even some of the 80s hair bands wore eyeliner. Adam Ant wore frilly white blouses and more men than I can recall were wearing skin-tight leather pants. It was cool to be feminine and well, different. 

Rocky Horror was cult-like epic, and frankly we could have cared less what people were doing behind closed doors. That was their business.

Let's not forget that the 1970s folks before us had their Ziggy Stardust androgyny and the 1960s folks saw sky high free love hippies having orgies and slithering around in the mud at Woodstock. Free love was taken anywhere they could get it.

The fact is, anyone that is age 60 and under was desensitized to all of this years ago. It may not have been our cup of tea, but we just looked the other way. Whatever.

That wasn't good enough. A mass lie had to be concocted and aimed at the younger generation, telling them that their parents and grandparents were hateful and bigoted. Ask yourself why.

Copy and paste this general scenario for black Americans. It's just a plagiarized story.

Now every TV show must portray a gay or two in an embarrassingly juvenile and prissy fashion, though most gays I knew didn't behave like that at all. Now our eyes are offended by the roughly 3% population representation of men and women by those acting like they should be on a pole and stuffing dollars down their undergarments, instead of in a respectful parade honoring fallen heroes. 

It's ridiculous and unnecessary but for this lie to work, it had to infiltrate the minds of our young so they would think their parents were whatever-phobes. So frilly and flashy gaydome was bastardized and rammed down everyone's throats, as was white privilege nonsense. People had to be coddled and made the center of attention and absolutely not ignored. Ignoring others is forbidden. 

Sadly, the damage has been done, and the target audience of this lie, the millennials, mistakenly bought into thinking everyone over 35 is a homophobe or racist.  The result is what we see displayed all over the webosphere and in the news; that they want and need the government to powder their bottoms and stop all this mock hatred and judgement, coming really, only from their tainted minds. 

The general population doesn't give a flip, we're too busy working or trying to survive. Without thinking critically, many millennials believe the lies that Big Brother infiltrated their minds with. It's what's for breakfast in college. I even see it at the graduate level.

This is what happens when the politicians in charge want to make the masses dependent upon the government to run every aspect of their lives, from cake baking to marriage licenses.