Ebony and Ivory Battle for Wylie Council

UPDATE: An endorsement in this campaign has been made. Read about it HERE!

It's election season again, and to be honest, I really hate it this time.

I hate it because there are two candidates running for a seat of which I didn't want the current councilman to give up. But he is giving up for one reason or another, and in May we'll be waving adios to Councilman William Whitney, a strong conservative.

So what do we have to replace him with? Ebony and ivory candidates, and I hate that I have to make assumptions about both of them which may end up sounding more like stereotypes than an unbiased selection process. Despite this, Google usually doesn't disappoint.

Timothy Wallis Facebook
I've tried to reach out to Timothy "Toby" Wallis a couple times to chat with him. He's a veterinarian at Parker Road Veterinary Hospital. I caught him once after a council meeting where he had little time to chat and we exchanged mobile numbers. I've also tried to text him but haven't heard anything back. I probably shouldn't be so hard on him, I mean, the guy has five kids,and most are young, so you know he's got to be busy. Still, I wouldn't have to bother him if he had a website I could locate.

What I do know is that there is relatively little published information about him or his platform, other than a fairly inactive Facebook page. So I have to make assumptions based upon his relatively nonexistent online footprint and the five minutes I spent with him. He is obviously hard to get to know and I cannot help but wonder how accessible he will be to citizens. That said, he has the backing of many of the strong conservatives that I know in Wylie. Well there's that.

Zewge Kagnew Facebook
Then there is Zewge "Ziggy" Kagnew who is running for the same seat. He's all over Facebook and even has his own website, where he outlines his platform and tells us a little about himself. His focus is civic engagement and government transparency, which are those typical feel-good talking points. Ziggy's virtual footprint paints him clearly as an Ethiopian activist first, and a realtor second. There's the KNON 89.3 FM Ethiopian social and political life talk show, a highlight of his campaign in the Ethiobook and the ESFNA Ethiopian community membership. Still, he seems like an active community member who has taken the Wylie Citizen's Police Academy course. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere on the web, and he gets his Ethiopian people to come out and support him.

What I hate about this election is that on one hand, we have a highly educated, white doctor who does not appear to be terribly engaged in the community, and I worry about his responsiveness, and on the other we have an Ethiopian activist and realtor,that makes me wonder if he was even born in the U.S., and who is seemingly very responsive.

Meh.This is why I hate having another ebony and ivory election, because no matter what anyone has to say about either candidate, it sounds ethnocentric or elitist.

To date, I have yet to make up my mind about an endorsement, and it's not looking very promising for tomorrow, either.

Image credit: Fotoristin