Liberal Media Inking the Trump Waters

If you listen to the media, you would swear Trump's first 100 days have been absolutely catastrophic for the US. The liberals running our news outlets are like a slimy octopus, inking the water in an attempt to confuse you. Ignore them.

Here is my top 10 list of 100 days of Trump:

10. Secretary of Defense James Mattis; now there's a bad mama jama.
  9. Promising Chinese President Xi meeting soliciting help controlling North Korean nut job.
  8. Approved Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines will create jobs and increase oil supplies.
  7. Syrian sanctions imposed; a far cry from Obama's namby pamby red line in the sand stance
  6. Executive order cracking down on sanctuary cities.
  5. Banned federal funding of international abortions.
  4. Repealed unconstitutional Obama gun regulations.
  3. Many ISIS terrorists are dead in Afghanistan underground tunnels.
  2. Beefed up border security; illegal's entering reportedly half that of Obama administration.
  1. Neil Gorsuch. 'Nuf said.

Forget what the liberal media is reporting on their silly and biased networks, the truth is, a plan is clearly unfolding and though there have been a few missteps, our future still looks far brighter than it did this time last year.

Trump currently has a pass from those who voted for him, as polls continue to show he would still beat Clinton if the election took place today. That said, it is imperative he continue to meet his promises over the next couple of years, because if he doesn't, forget Hillary, we'll be looking at feminazi Elizabeth Warren.

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