Dropping the Bomb

This week President Donald Trump approved dropping the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), or better known to civilians as the Mother Of All Bombs, on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan.

For those of us who watched terrorist attacks and Christian beheadings with horror, it's about damned time somebody grew a pair.  Ya think?

While ISIS was fortified by a girly Obama, who stood wringing his hands and playing pretends, they will not be so lucky with Trump. There is no place in this world for an Arab Caliphate, tossing gays off of buildings, burning women alive in cages or stonings and beheadings.

More important, there is no place for beading innocent children.

With this bomb, Trump appears to shout to the world that the days of ISIS running amok are done. They've been fired.

Despite the MOABs success in destroying an active installation, not everyone is pleased with the outcome. Not surprising, mainstream media is taking measures to solidify their anti-Trump rhetoric, slipping this MOAB into their playbook. The result is an undercurrent of WWIII hyperbole spreading through the web.

For rational and logical people, this is not a lead-in for WWIII. For us, this is a clear, calculated action to show terrorists and bullies that this ain't your Obama administration no more.

Hey mainstream media, here's the 411 on the MOAB, If mamma ain't happy, nobody's happy. Get over it.

Headline image credit: Getty - Noorullah Shirzada/Stringer/Getty Images