Wylie Campaign Disrespectful to US Flag

If ever there was a reason to vote for Dr. Timothy "Toby" Wallis for Wylie City Council Place 5, this is it.

At the polls last weekend, outside the Rita Smith Library, Ziggy Kagnew's campaign tossed the American flag on the ground. When they were admonished for it, they still put it on the ground as depicted in the image above.

In the photo you can see that Kagnew's push cards are held down by a rock from outside the library, which are placed on top of the flag, on top of his "Ziggy" yard sign for place 5. Disgraceful!

Obviously this is an issue considering Kagnew's campaign has been on Ethiopian rights and helping them take over government power starting at the local level and moving up.

You can find additional details on  my blog post Dr. Timothy "Toby" Wallis Endorsement